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Three quick tips to maximize Quantum View Manage®

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Throughout the day, small business owners are switching hats from pricing to overseeing inventory to managing shipping activities - and everything in between. Suffice it to say, having less worry about in your supply chain is a bonus.

Randy Campbell, marketing manager at UPS, says Quantum View Manage® technology offers a multitude of opportunities for small business owners to not only reduce costs, but also stay on top of key customer delivery status with using its monitoring features.

Existing users of Quantum View Manage can delve deeper into this visibility tool to operate more efficiently and improve performance. While the initial benefits of Quantum View Manage like increased visibility into inbound and outbound shipments may seem obvious, Campbell offers three tips to gain even more from its use:

    1. Create custom views. Quantum View Manage technology allows customers to create custom views, filterable at the field level. This allows users to simplify the information they see to get the most needed info at their fingertips. This can be particularly important when servicing or monitoring the activity of a particular customer or supplier, or for monitoring exception types important to the business.

      2. Use search functionality. Quantum View Manage has a robust search engine that allows users to search historical activity using a variety of field?level info to generate reports, creating insights into specific customers or activities.

        3. Custom alerts can be set as a standing update or for specific individual packages, allowing closer monitoring of key shipments critical to business operations.

        Improving the management of customer relationships by using features like the Quantum View Manage dashboard can translate into faster responses to customers, and help generate customer-specific performance reports to support periodic business reviews—all within one integrated product.

        Learn more about how UPS can help you increase visibility across transportation modes for your small business.

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