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Sitting pretty with Roadwire

Roadwire Automotive Leather Interiors CEO Aaron Forrister pictured in his office preparing to discuss how UPS helped optimize Roadwire's operations

Roadwire Automotive Leather Interiors in Austin, Texas, spends a lot of time designing, manufacturing and installing the most important part of any vehicle - the seat. If it has four wheels and an engine, it's more likely than not that they make a custom leather seat for it. But having so many products that fit so many specifications needing to be installed quickly in cars all over the country comes with a fair share of problems. That's why they brought in UPS.

One of the biggest issues the company faced was shipping costs for its customers. Using UPS's extensive ground network has helped Roadwire reduce its air shipments. Using UPS® Ground service lowers the cost to customers, with absolutely no change in service - a significant advantage for Roadwire in the marketplace.

Roadwire needs to move large varieties of product quickly to every corner of the globe, so that drivers can get their new seats installed and get back on the road. So, for them and their clients, every minute and every dollar counts. That's why UPS and Roadwire teamed up to streamline their supply chain and inventory footprint. With UPS's insights into Roadwire's distribution and warehousing, and backed up by hard data, CEO Aaron Forrister was able to make his company more efficient. He can make truly informed decisions that ensure his company has the right product in the right place at the right time to reach their customers effectively.

When Forrister was asked about where he saw the future of his company going, he said the options seemed limitless, but he also remarked that he knew he was working with a partner he could trust, who had his best interests at heart. He seemed excited about what was around the corner. "I know that they've got something in the pipeline, and that's something I can trust."

Want to hear more about Roadwire and their solutions success story? Watch the video now.

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