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Ship to more places earlier around the globe

UPS airplane, called a "brown tail," heads for an international market.

Whether you're shipping crucial parts for an auto assembly line, luxury goods for demanding customers, or vital medical supplies to help save lives, UPS now offers more delivery options to more global markets for your time-sensitive shipments. This includes morning delivery to more of the top global economies – including the top 20 GDPs – than any of our competitors.

Jim Barber, president of UPS International, sees this as key for companies who do business internationally. "The expansion of the UPS worldwide shipping portfolio helps make trade around the globe even easier for companies by giving them more options for important deliveries," says Barber.

New early destinations

This fall we substantially expanded UPS Worldwide Express Plus® service, our earliest morning guaranteed deliveries. It is now available in 28 more countries – including Mexico, Vietnam, Brazil, United Arab Emirates and 19 new countries in Europe.

We also added thousands of new postal codes in the countries we already served – including Canada, China and the U.K. – to help you reach your customers earlier in the day.

When you choose UPS Worldwide Express Plus service for your most urgent shipments, you'll enjoy fast, guaranteed delivery as early as 8 a.m. (depending on the destination) to 56 countries. This includes routine customs clearance through our comprehensive worldwide brokerage service network.

"UPS Worldwide Express Plus is what companies in the industrial manufacturing, automotive, healthcare and retail sectors rely on for critical morning deliveries to keep their businesses running efficiently," explains Brendan Lease, UPS Express portfolio manager. "Now customers will have the option of morning delivery to even more markets."

One of the companies benefiting from this morning service is J. Hilburn, a luxury menswear brand that uses it for their inbound shipments of made-to-measure suits and custom shirts from Portugal and Malaysia to the United States.

"Before using UPS Worldwide Express Plus, we couldn't start processing customer orders until midday. Now with the earlier delivery we can get our product in and out in the same day," says Wayne Davis, logistics and operations director for J. Hilburn. "Having consistent delivery is a game changer."

Midday service also expands

The broadening of our earliest service follows on the heels of the expansion of our midday delivery option, UPS Worldwide Express® service.

UPS introduced this midday service to 52 additional countries and territories, including such growing markets as Colombia, Saudi Arabia, the Dominican Republic and Myanmar, as well as several European nations.

When you select UPS Worldwide Express service, you'll get guaranteed delivery within one to three business days, depending on the destination, by 10:30 a.m., noon or 2 p.m. Routine customs clearance is included as well.

"UPS invests in capabilities that expand connections to global markets to help our customers," Barber says. "With a new total coverage area of 118 countries, this service offers superior global reach."

Using our guaranteed morning and midday service options can help give your company a competitive edge. "The earlier you receive your shipments, the more time you have to do something with them that same day," explains Lease. "That can help your company eliminate inventory holding costs and manage production schedules to maximize output and minimize downtime."

A broad portfolio to meet every need

For packages that don't require early morning or midday delivery, our portfolio also includes UPS Worldwide Saver® service, with guaranteed end-of-day delivery. It is available in 220 countries and territories, including all of the destinations that UPS Worldwide Express and UPS Worldwide Express Plus now serve.

"UPS delivers more guaranteed packages internationally than any other carrier. And our recent expansion gives you the broadest portfolio of choices to meet your needs," says Lease. "With our array of services and known delivery times at your disposal, you can decide how you want to work with your customers to optimize your supply chain."

Getting started

Shipping internationally is easier with an expert like UPS by your side. Whether you need an economical option or the fastest possible service for urgent shipments, we can provide a solution for international shipments of any size. Get started today.

For an overview of the UPS Express portfolio, print this PDF.

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