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Our favorite healthcare articles in 2019

Our favorite healthcare articles in 2019

UPS’s historic drone deliveries in 2019 represented a major milestone in the blurring of the lines between your home, the doctor’s office and in some cases, even the hospital.

In this year alone, UPS became the first company certified to fly an unlimited number of drones with an unlimited number of operators. Then it expanded its groundbreaking drone logistics program through partnerships with the University of Utah Health campus in Salt Lake City, AmerisourceBergen and Kaiser Permanente.

And finally, UPS, in partnership with CVS Pharmacy, completed the first revenue-generating drone delivery of a medical prescription to a consumer’s home.

In other words, 2019 was a year full of healthcare advancements for UPS, many of them facilitated by drone technology. Check out those drone articles below, as well as other important healthcare stories in 2019: 

1. How drones will revolutionize healthcare supply chains

When UPS recently became the first company certified to fly an unlimited number of drones with an unlimited number of operators, we vowed that it was just the beginning.

With numerous game-changing announcements, we’re living up to that promise as we mark the next chapter in UPS’s flight into the world of drones — and reshape both the healthcare and retail landscapes.

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2. Facilitating complex clinical trial logistics for rare diseases

Developing drugs to treat diseases creates opportunities to simultaneously address the urgent unmet medical needs of patients and access new markets.

This challenging clinical trials landscape for drugs continues to achieve new efficiencies due, in part, to streamlined regulatory processes, decentralized models and next-generation technologies — all supported by a flexible and evolving supply chain.

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3. Drone-delivered medicines to your doorstep

UPS’s drone partnership with CVS Pharmacy provides a glimpse into a drone-filled future when the supply chain responds instantaneously to consumer demands in healthcare, retail and other industries powering international commerce.

It also expands when, where and how patients get the care they need. As we move to a more customizable healthcare model, drone delivery of prescriptions allows patients to receive life-saving medicines without leaving the comfort of their homes — and faster than ever before.

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4. Safeguarding healthcare data is a matter of trust

Companies with strong safeguards for protecting client data understand the competitive implications.

Trust demonstrated by effective data management can be an even more compelling business driver when companies can exhibit their value in helping clients succeed with their customers. UPS focuses on the value of trust in our client relationships, which includes how we mitigate risk.

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5. An innovative pitch for diabetes control

Retired Major League Baseball pitcher Jason Johnson was the first player allowed to use an insulin pump on the field during a game.

Check out this conversation between Daniel Gagnon, Vice President of Healthcare and Life Sciences Strategy at UPS, and Johnson about his experience with the MiniMed 670G insulin pump therapy and how it changed his life.

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