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How delivery tracking helps businesses stay on top of shipments

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As a business operating in today’s hyper-connected environment, your customers expect you to be on top of every detail.

Gone are the days when getting an order safely on its way was good enough. Nowadays, customers demand real-time information about every aspect of their delivery.

Luckily, technological solutions are available that put the shipment information you need not only at your fingertips but straight into the hands of your customers. 

Explore how UPS® delivery tracking can help improve the visibility of your shipments. Watch the video below to learn how UPS tools can help keep track of your packages and keep your customers informed. 

Where in the world is my shipment?

If you’re an occasional business shipper, understanding where your parcels are in the world is just as important as for a high-volume shipper.

For those who don’t ship frequently, there may be even more pressure on getting your delivery right at the first attempt. Delays and misunderstandings cause customer frustration and may deter you from future shipping, particularly for more complex or far-flung deliveries.

Sarah Cardone-Dennis, small business marketing manager, says the smart use of tracking technology can not only strengthen your business operations but drive down customer service costs.

“Implementing shipping technology that provides tracking information and proactive status updates on your customers’ in-transit orders will help cut down on ‘Where is my order?’ inquiries and allow customer service departments to handle more important tasks,” she remarks.

Information is power, and UPS delivery tracking will give you the knowledge you need. You can receive custom notifications for up to 25 of your shipments at any one time, by email or by SMS. If you’re a high-volume shipper, you can also import data files of up to 100 tracking numbers, track via reference numbers, and view your recently-tracked shipment history.

You may also be able to use different identifiers, such as a purchase order number or customer number, to help locate your package. Remember that tracking numbers appear in various formats, depending on your package and where it is in the delivery cycle.

Gain visibility into inbound and outbound shipments

"For most of our customers, simplified tracking on UPS.com will give them the comprehensive visibility they need to keep track of all those important shipments, including overnight tracking," says Joe Rayburn, UPS customer technology marketing manager.

However, higher-volume shippers may require additional resources to stay ahead of their domestic and international logistics. Comprehensive, up-to-date tracking information is not only necessary for improving operational management but is key to a positive client experience.

"When you realize the visibility you're getting through UPS.com, simplified tracking isn't quite enough.  If you want to get specific views of your volume moving around the world and customized reporting, that's when you step up to a solution like UPS My Choice® for business," Rayburn explains.

UPS My Choice for business will give you visibility into the whereabouts of your inbound and outbound shipments, however high the volume. The tool’s dedicated dashboards for inbound and outbound shipments create a convenient, easy-to-use interface.

  • The outbound dashboard gives you the most up-to-date shipment status information so you're ready when your customers get in touch.
  • The inbound dashboard provides visibility into everything being delivered by UPS to you, enabling you to get ahead of inventory management and labor planning.
  • Inbound delivery notifications and estimated delivery windows keep you updated to avoid missed deliveries.
  • The administration portal makes it easy to share visibility privileges with multiple users in your business, and customize different access levels based on job responsibility.

The application allows businesses to track shipments from pickup to delivery, freeing you up to spend more time on your business.

Activate shipment notifications for you and your customers

If seeing everything that is going on with your shipments in a personalized dashboard gives you the visibility you need to make informed decisions, sending proactive notifications to your customers about the status of their shipments takes your operational management from good to great.

With Quantum View Notify® alerts, shippers can send three different kinds of notifications to up to five recipients:

  • A Ship notification lets the receiver know their package has been shipped and supplies a tracking number.
  • An Exception notification informs the receiver if there has been a change to their scheduled delivery date.
  • A Delivery notification goes out once the package has been delivered, including confirmation of who signed for it, if applicable.

This information helps bring peace of mind to you and your customers, explains Rayburn. "We know from numerous studies that the receiver is generally more interested in the certainty of knowing when a package will be delivered than in managing exactly when or how quickly. It's about understanding that your package is going to get delivered, not necessarily being concerned about whether it is going to arrive on Wednesday or Thursday."

“Real-time notifications help optimize your operational management,” he continues. "If you don't understand what volume is coming into your facility, it's really hard to manage your receiving team labor hours. Also, many customers can't bill until their customer receives whatever the particular item is."

Integrate shipping data into your internal systems

For tech-savvy shippers with internal technical resources, you might decide to take your shipping management one step further and integrate Quantum View real-time data into your internal systems.

With Quantum View® Data, you will receive regular files from UPS containing all your shipment data. Take those data files and integrate them into your ERP and inventory management systems for comprehensive ownership of your shipment information.

This arrangement is great for customization and gives you direct control over your shipping data. Shipment updates are automatically downloaded to your system, as often as every hour if needed.

Trust UPS® tracking information to help drive your business

Time is money, and delays in shipping information can cost you. By smartly using delivery tracking tools, businesses can lower and, in some cases, eliminate shipping delays.

Solutions like UPS My Choice for business allow you to set up your own account and take advantage of tracking technology within minutes. You can register online to track shipments quickly, view all inbound and outbound packages at a glance, and improve customer service along the way.

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This is for informational purposes only.  It does not constitute legal advice – please consult with your own legal counsel for such advice. Also, do not rely on this information without performing your own research.

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