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How to find your UPS account number

Close up view of a UPS shipping label

If your business ships regularly, registering for a UPS account number is a smart move to make. Having a UPS account offers a range of benefits, from streamlined invoicing to improved visibility into shipment activity.

The first thing to determine, though, is whether setting up a UPS account is right for you.

Do I need a UPS account?

Just because you ship with UPS doesn’t mean you automatically have an account set up. For occasional shippers, you can ship as a guest without needing to register for an account.

If, however, you’re a regular shipper and there’s more than one person in your team responsible for handling shipments, registering for a UPS account makes sense.

Commercial benefits of having a UPS account

Having a UPS account has defined advantages. Once registered, you can

  • Conveniently pay your shipping invoices on a scheduled basis.
  • Group up to five shippers in your organization under a single shipping account.
  • Enjoy access to UPS Smart Pickup® Service, which automatically arranges pickups only when you process a shipment on ups.com.

You can also order shipping supplies and authorize receiver or third-party billing using your account number.

Setting up your UPS account is simple. Visit the UPS Help Center to determine the best option for you based on how frequently you ship. The on-screen prompts will guide you through the account activation process. Just make sure you’re logged into UPS.com.

How do I find my UPS account number?

You can find your UPS account number, sometimes referred to as the shipper number, in various ways.

These include:

  • By calling UPS at 1 (800) 742-5877.
  • By locating it on paper invoices or electronically for shippers signed up to UPS Billing Center. If you’re unsure what programs your company is registered for, consult your shipping or accounts payable department for guidance.
  • By finding the tracking number of a package that was shipped using your UPS account. Look for the string of six numbers and letters that immediately follow “1Z”—that’s your account number.

Remember, if you don’t have a UPS account number, you can still make easy and convenient shipments with UPS. Simply ship as a guest or register for a UPS.com ID for a more customized experience. Watch our video for a quick explanation of the difference between a UPS.com ID and a UPS account number.

Get shipping with your UPS account number

Your six-digit UPS account number is your passport to a more integrated shipping experience. Get registered today and find out more about how UPS can help your business grow.

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