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Get the most from your online storefronts

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Managing multiple online stores doesn't have to be an administrative chore.

"Whether you're selling on one or multiple online stores, UPS marketplace shipping is for you," says Michele Cooper, senior manager, Customer Technology Marketing at UPS. "It allows customers to start small and support expanded execution as your company grows at no cost."

"UPS marketplace shipping has a positive impact on your customer experience, accelerating the communication between you and your customers by automatically updating your online store. As your business expands and your online storefronts grow, UPS marketplace shipping helps shippers gain efficiencies," Cooper says.

Cooper shared the top five tips for getting the most out of UPS marketplace shipping:

  1. Combine multiple orders. Combine orders from the same buyer and same online store. This feature in marketplace shipping will allow you to save money on shipping costs and save time on processing shipments.
  2. Expand customer reach. Use marketplace shipping to connect your global web stores outside the United States for one consolidated view. This feature allows you to expand your customer reach and give them peace of mind with automatic tracking information posted directly to your webstore.
  3. Preset shipping preferences. Speed through shipping by setting your default package weight characteristics, payment options and shipping services for faster processing.
  4. Nickname your storefronts. Quickly distinguish between your multiple online stores by giving them a nickname to help you identify them.
  5. Set automatic notifications. Get automatic tracking updates for your shipments across all of your stores (e.g., shipped, exceptions or delivery) so you always stay in the know.

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