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Delivering the impossible

UPS staffers move a cold-chain shipment on board a UPS air freighter. (Click to play video)

Ship medication & supplies smarter with healthcare supply chain logistics

The seemingly impossible, delivered. Watch how we solved the challenge of getting vaccines to Vientiane, Laos.

At the end of every healthcare supply chain is a mom. A grandfather. A newborn child. People. They're the reason our global team of healthcare experts is hard at work every day—collaborating on cutting-edge ways to help you deliver lifesaving medicines, devices, and supplies. Because, at the end of the day, solving logistical challenges means improving the most important outcome of all: a patient's quality of care.

"“In making these vaccines available to the some of the most vulnerable populations in Laos—pregnant women, the elderly and health workers—we were able to help prevent thousands of cases of life threatening illnesses to the unborn children.”
– Kevin Etter Global Strategy Manager, Healthcare Logistics"

UPS® was asked to deliver 375,000 doses of donated vaccine going to high-risk populations of expectant mothers, the elderly and health workers in Laos. Our team only had a few days to plan the operation, coordinate the right people across 5 countries, and deliver the vaccines that had to be maintained at a temperature between 39 and 43 degrees Fahrenheit. Using the latest cutting edge technology in temperature-controlled containers, we protected, moved and monitored this precious cargo across 9,000 miles, which helped vaccinate thousands of expectant mothers just in time for flu season.

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