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Convenience by the truckload: UPS and Coyote

The photo is a close-up shot of the cab and payload of a large tractor trailer.

For businesses that rely primarily on package deliveries and LTL (less-than-truckload) freight to ship their product or bring in supplies, finding a truckload carrier for larger hauls can be daunting.

"The truckload industry is extremely fragmented," says Mitch Muehring, UPS marketing manager. "There are more than 180,000 active for-hire carriers operating in the United States, so it can be hard to know exactly where to begin."

And considering that nearly 90 percent of these freight shipping companies operate with fewer than six trucks, how do you find reliable providers with the capacity and flexibility to be there consistently?

'Can you get me a truck?'

"Whether they're sending a single document or a whole truck full of product, customers are looking for ease of use and reliability," Muehring adds. "When it comes to truckload, their big questions are, do you have capacity and can you get me a truck? If you're not a major shipper with extensive truckload needs, it can be hard to get a lot of attention."

To help shippers find the same level of predictability and reliability with their periodic truckload shipments that they've come to expect when scheduling a package pickup, UPS acquired Coyote Logistics, a leading truckload brokerage and transportation management provider whose extensive network of carriers of nearly all equipment types helps ensure UPS customers can obtain the right carrier with the right equipment type – as promised.

"Our core business is arranging the movement of truckload freight for shippers of all sizes across North America," says Jodi Navta, chief marketing officer for Coyote. "Our customers range from startups and mom-and-pop grocers up to Fortune 100 companies."

Where the rubber meets the software

Founded in 2006, Coyote Logistics combines its expansive network of more than 40,000 independent, reputable carriers with an innovative software platform that enables Coyote managers to match carriers to specific routes and shipping requests. For independent truckers, the result is more segments with revenue-paying full loads and fewer empty "deadhead" miles.

"We work hard to develop relationships with carriers," Navta notes. "It's a mutually beneficial relationship."

For customers, it means reliable pickups and deliveries within a cost-efficient transportation model. UPS and Coyote are working to create a seamless experience for UPS customers who need to ship full truckloads, including the ability to track those shipments on ups.com®, as well as coyote.com. Customers will also be able to receive an integrated Coyote invoice that includes UPS customs brokerage charges for transborder movements.

Even as UPS customers enjoy access to convenient truckload service, Coyote's customers now have direct access to the vast global network of UPS, Navta says. "That's a pretty cool thing for our customers."

No Excuses

Beyond complementary capabilities, one of the qualities that most attracted UPS to Coyote Logistics is an uncompromising commitment to service, as reflected in its stated philosophy: No Excuses. "Coyote was extremely committed from the start to developing a reputation as the most reliable company in the industry," Muehring says.

Navta adds, "No Excuses is really about taking accountability for what you commit to. If we tell a shipper we're going to move a load, we're going to move a load. Sometimes you might have to work a little harder to book it, but we'll make it happen."

Growing your business

And while some may wonder how a company founded in 2006 can mesh so seamlessly with one whose storied traditions and culture stretch date back 109 years to when UPS was founded in 1907, Muehring says, "When it comes to what really matters -- that commitment to reliability and customer service – Coyote's culture is very similar to ours."

For shippers, the greatest advantage is knowing that the next time they need to ship a full truckload of goods, UPS can handle that, too. "One phone call or email to your Coyote representative will take care of it," Muehring says, "so you can get back to growing your business."

To learn more about Coyote Logistics, ask your UPS account manager; e-mail your contact information to TruckloadRequests@coyote.com; or call 1-877-6-COYOTE.

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