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Best package ever - when shipping's a pleasure!

A customer excitedly opens a much-anticipated package.

Recently, we asked people to tell us about the most precious package they ever received via UPS. From the sentimental to the surprising, here is just a sample of the thousands of submissions we received.

It's a girl!

"Our first pictures of our new baby girl! I tracked that package every day and couldn't wait to see the photos."
– Tonya Myers, Portland, Ind.

Flash to the past

"Tickets to the New Kids on the Block concert – I had never been able to go as a child and going as an adult was the BEST ever!"
– Kelly Ruffino, Minooka, Ill.

Precious memories

"I received all of my childhood dolls, which I thought had been lost in a hurricane. My ex-husband salvaged them in Biloxi, Miss., after Hurricane Katrina."
– Jamie Bauman, Lanesville, Ind.

With love, from mom

"A week after I moved into my first apartment by myself I got a care package from my mom and dad even though they only lived about 10 miles away. It was… just what I needed."
– Pami Quist, Maplewood, Minn.

Educator's delight

"A 6-foot-by-1-foot oversized ruler. When it arrived, we did not know what was in the rather strange-looking box. I was an elementary teacher at the time, and I used it for many years."
– Karen Linder, Bakersfield, Calif.

Heirlooms in the making

"'Wow, fantastic!' is what I screamed when UPS delivered my beautiful complete set of Royal Doulton china that I won in a sweepstakes. All the pieces were in mint condition and I hope they remain that way when I hand down the set to my daughter!"
– Linda Scanlan, Corydon, Ind.

Sweet bee-ing

"My very first beehive and beekeeping equipment. That was seven years ago. I now have 15 beehives and love every minute I spend with my hives."
– Anna Wolak, Lancaster, Ohio

Sunny days

"When my husband died suddenly, I struggled to find my way. My brother sent me a Hello Kitty that was solar, so the head would gently move, as if greeting the light. It seems silly now, but that little figure helped me move forward in life. It was the symbol of light and peace to me."
– Therese Kolvenbach, Rancho Cordova, Calif.

New shoes for marilyn

"When I was a college student, my dad was in the wholesale shoe business. He would periodically send me a pair or two of shoes, and when we would see the familiar brown truck pull up to the dorm door, my friends would say, 'Marilyn's getting new shoes again.'"
– Marilyn Shovers, Milwaukee, Wis.

Christmas cartoons forever

"One Christmas when my kids were little I was gifted with a TV. The first show the kids watched was a Christmas cartoon. They were certain that the TV was just for kids' shows, so they were disappointed several days later when I watched the news."
– Susan Ricci, Manchester, N.H.

Going to galapagos

"The package containing my travel documents and itinerary for our family cruise to the Galapagos Islands. It was a magical trip."
– Carolyn Ives, Essex Junction, Vt.

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