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4 ways to protect temperature sensitive shipments

Close-up shot of cold chain packaging material.

When it comes to mankind's most heralded achievements, few have rivaled the success of vaccines and other temperature-sensitive medicines. Vaccines given to American children over the past two decades will prevent 322 million illnesses, 21 million hospitalizations and 732,000 deaths, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta. In the United States., the federal government, venture capitalist investors and vaccine sales annually contribute $1.4 billion to vaccine research and development, according to the National Vaccine Advisory Committee.

Yet, even with billions of dollars and millions of lives at stake, product spoilage still occurs. According to the latest UPS Pain in the (Supply) Chain Survey, levels of success at preventing product damage and spoilage of sensitive for healthcare manufacturers are lower than you may think. In North America, 40 percent of respondents revealed that they were not successful at managing product damage and spoilage; the global average was 37 percent.

Small variance, big impact

According to the survey, 46 percent of healthcare industry respondents cited an inability to intervene in shipments in transit as a challenge in preventing damage and spoilage; 45 percent blamed adverse weather and harsh environments; while 39 percent said packaging failures were a challenge. 

If healthcare companies want to improve their temperature-controlled supply chains, or cold chains, the time is now. According to a report by Pharmaceutical Commerce, more than half of the 50 top-selling drugs will require cold-chain transportation by 2020. That growth will require smarter, more streamlined cold-chain logistics, says Dirk Van Peteghem, vice president of UPS Healthcare Logistics. 

"We are seeing growth in the number of temperature-sensitive shipments due to the increasing cold-chain regulations and expansion of specialty drugs and treatments that require temperature control," says Peteghem. "Listening to the marketplace, we are broadening our UPS Temperature True® portfolio to meet these needs while also helping companies ensure compliance for a broader range of product temperature requirements."

To ensure your shipments' preservation and performance, UPS has assembled a portfolio of cold-chain solutions engineered for transporting temperature-sensitive products safely and securely:

1. UPS Temperature True®
This air and ocean freight service provides door-to-door transportation for pharmaceutical products.

2. UPS Temperature True®Cryo 
This comprehensive cryogenic shipping solution, powered by Cryoport Inc. and backed by UPS's reliable transportation network, includes everything from ordering and documentation to packaging and transportation.

3. UPS Proactive Response®
This service, for small package shipments, offers dedicated, around-the-clock customer service representatives who use UPS's sophisticated monitoring technology to identify potential delays to temperature-sensitive shipments and, if necessary, take action to protect and preserve these shipments, including refrigeration and re-icing.

4. UPS Proactive Response® Secure
This one-of-a-kind solution combines proactive monitoring and package recovery with insurance that can cover both the cost of the product and the cost of expediting it while in transit, from UPS Capital® Insurance Agency.

Partner with the right carrier

The UPS healthcare network includes 51 facilities worldwide employing 5,000 people who handle over 1,100 worldwide licensing, customs and other protocols for shipping pharmaceuticals, medical devices and other healthcare supplies and equipment all over the world. Learn more about the ways UPS can improve your cold-chain logistics.

See how UPS helped send 375,000 doses of flu vaccine to Laos by maintaining the proper temperature through five climates.

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