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3 ways shipment visibility dashboards can save you time

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Whether you came up with a great idea and built a business from the ground up, or you’re on staff to help it run smoothly—you’re working hard. You’re putting out fires. You’re making sure you provide the best possible product and customer experience along the way. It’s all part of the excitement and occasional chaos that comes with operating a business. But you’re always looking for ways to be more efficient. Easy-to-use tracking and visibility tools can help across the board, from your supply chain all the way to customer service.

Getting a real-time, consolidated view of all your incoming and outgoing shipments means no more wasted time chasing down crucial information. Just imagine a few scenarios: James is the shipping manager at a sustainable apparel company with a thriving e-commerce operation, and he needs to be able to easily view and manage special orders headed out to customers. Kendra manages a mid-sized hair salon, and she’s dependent on incoming shipments of hair dyes and shampoos. Any missed deliveries can have a huge impact on the quality of service she can provide her clients. Becky, the custom jewelry designer, needs visibility into the metal and beads she bulk-orders online. Once she ships her creations out to buyers, she wants to quickly check their delivery status.

UPS My Choice® for business is the new visibility solution designed to help all these businesses. This free tracking tool with interactive dashboards makes it easy to view and manage inbound and outbound shipments all in one place. Delivery alerts, pre-arrival notifications, estimated delivery windows, and delivery change options for inbound shipments can help you plan better and save time and money. Signing up is simple with self-registration, and self-administration allows you to add additional users across your business.

As UPS Customer Technology Marketing Director Melanie Alavi says, “There’s saving time in terms of having everything at your fingertips, and there’s also saving time on the inbound receiving side, being able to plan ahead like never before.”

Find the information you need at a glance

Here’s a hypothetical example: Jim’s Auto Shop operated for decades as an independent, successful, brick-and-mortar car supply store. But Jim recently decided to take the plunge into the world of e-commerce, and he’s built out a website to sell his products online. He’s even branched out into selling auto supply kits on a few of the most popular online marketplaces. It’s been an exciting transition, but Jim’s received more orders than he ever would have predicted.

Manually tracking individual deliveries and dealing with customer shipment questions was eating into valuable time—until Jim signed up for UPS My Choice for business. Now, with a quick look at his outbound dashboard, Jim can easily understand the status and location of all his shipments, all at once. He can filter by date, shipment characteristics or accounts, with updates from label creation to delivery. Jim can even create “watch lists” for the shipments he considers especially critical.

By monitoring shipments through the dashboards and alerts, you can improve customer service for your business, as well. You’ll always know current shipment status and be ready to proactively monitor shipments for hold-ups or delays before the calls come. By providing more accurate timing to customers, you can improve their experience and avoid the costs associated with missed deliveries.

“You get dashboards where everything is summarized for you,” says Alavi. “You can set them up the way you want: set it and forget it, and use them when it’s convenient to you, even get notifications pushed to you. Really, it comes down to convenience and control.”

Be ready for incoming inventory

Whether you’re expecting a delivery of supplies to keep your operation running smoothly, or you’re getting a re-stock of the inventory you sell every day, incoming shipments can also be crucial to your business. But waiting around for them to show up at your doorstep or warehouse is not an effective use of your time.

Traditionally, you get alerts about incoming delivery timing only if the company shipping to you decided to share notifications. But with UPS My Choice for business, that power is in your hands for the first time.

Now, you can sign up for pre-arrival, “day before” and “day of” delivery alerts to get the most up-to-date information possible for all inbound UPS shipments. You’ll be able to search your dashboard for incoming packages, with two-hour commercial delivery windows to help you plan ahead for weekly deliveries. And when your UPS driver is an hour away, we'll send you a pre-arrival notification as a heads-up. 

That means you can better prepare your staffing and schedule accordingly, so you’re always ready to receive incoming shipments. In the long run, it means you have a better picture of your inventory as a whole, so you can save money and stop carrying extra, unnecessary stock.  

Of course, no two days look the same when you’re running a business—so flexibility is key. The ability to adapt and make changes means you always work with your business as the priority. Now, when you face an unexpected surprise, you can make last-minute updates to incoming deliveries with new delivery change options. Whether you need to change the date of delivery, or move it to another address, you can quickly edit your delivery in your UPS My Choice for business dashboard. You can even get your delivery sent to a UPS location, to be held until you’re ready to pick it up*.

The power is in your hands

Let’s face it: you’re busy. You don’t want to spend time on the phone, tracking down the right person to set up a new tool for your business. Luckily, UPS My Choice for business is designed with your needs in mind. Registration is convenient and available whenever you’re ready. You can select the visibility option that meets your shipping needs: inbound, outbound, or both. With a few clicks on ups.com, you’re in. You’ll be guided through a step-by-step process to get it done, with auto-populated information based on your UPS account and shipping history.

Once you’re signed up, the administration portal makes it easy to stay in control. You can set up access for other employees who need visibility access. Boost efficiency by assigning privileges that are appropriate for their job responsibilities and quickly add or remove users as they join or leave the company.

Alavi says each user can customize the view of their dashboards on an individual level, to get the most out of them: “The design really allows for the flexibility and customization according to how you like to look at things, compared to someone else you’re working with.” At the end of the day, UPS My Choice for business can help you get the information you need, when you need it, in the way you need it.

Ready to save time and take control with UPS My Choice for business?

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*Fees may apply.

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