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How college campuses can benefit from The UPS Store® services

College student vists The UPS Store on campus

From handwritten “You’ve got mail” slips to difficult-to-find locations spread across campus, the college mailroom of old is no more. These days, it is transforming to take on an increasingly prominent position within the world of college auxiliary services, with new technologies and logistical innovations leading the way. And The UPS Store has the tools to help make your campus mailroom operations more efficient.

What logistical challenges do campus mail operations face?

If you run the mail operations on a college campus, you know there can be some time-consuming, burdensome logistical problems to address.

One of the key issues many campuses face is the persistent use of multiple facilities, rather than one centrally located facility. Steve Chambers, director of non-traditional development at The UPS Store, explains, “Often, colleges and universities are maintaining multiple mailrooms, which can involve significant costs and infrastructure.” After all, space is at a premium on college campuses, and maintaining multiple mailrooms adds unnecessary costs and complexity to logistics operations.

There’s also the issue of using multiple delivery carriers, which can make mail operations more complex than they need to be. And with multiple trucks shuttling around campus, this even introduces potential safety concerns. Plus, there’s an added chance that packages will get lost in transit.

The day-to-day running of a campus mailroom can be challenging as well. “Handling mail and packages is very labor-intensive, often leading to sorting issues, lost packages and an overall poor student experience,” says Chambers. Finally, there’s the issue of rising maintenance costs for equipment and software, a problem that’s especially acute if the mailroom is still operating in more or less the same way it did 20 or 30 years ago.

With millennials making 55 percent of their purchases online, according to the UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper™ survey, these issues are becoming increasingly pressing at every college. So, what can campus mailrooms do?

How can The UPS Store help to streamline campus mail operations?

“The UPS Store is the expert in streamlining mailroom management,” states Chambers. That’s why bringing The UPS Store to your campus can play a transformative role in your mail operations. Here are some of the helpful solutions The UPS Store can provide:

1. Mailroom management

When it comes to streamlining mailroom management, The UPS Store can help determine whether a single, centralized location is the right fit for your campus. If not—usually in cases where the campus covers a very large area or has a large student body—The UPS Store has options to go outside the standard centralized operation and put multiple locations on campus. For an example, read more about how The UPS Store helped Arizona State University set up two mailroom locations.

Managing student mail from one, centrally-located The UPS Store mailroom is a great way to reduce costs and cut down on the number of trucks driving around campus. It’s also good for your carbon footprint, which is ideal in an age where students are becoming ever more environmentally conscious.

By streamlining campus mailroom operations through The UPS Store, universities can manage any number of student mailboxes. Upon arrival, all parcels get electronically logged and stored, and students are notified by email or text that their package is ready for pick up. This ensures that students can pick up their mail in the most time-efficient manner.

As Chambers expounds, “At one of The UPS Store locations at Belmont University in Nashville, when a student has a package, we notify them. They walk into our store, type in a code, and a message is sent to our employees in the back. We bring the package to them, and the entire process takes between 25 and 30 seconds. Not only do we reduce the number of trips that the student has to take to the mailroom, we also cut down on the amount of time they have to spend there.”

The UPS Store also offers package lockers where students and staff can pick up their mail—24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether it’s a college care package or a new set of textbooks, The UPS Store campus services help students get their packages quickly and conveniently.                                                                   

2. Complete printing services

In addition to mailroom services, The UPS Store offers a full range of printing options. As Chambers puts it, “The UPS Store is a complete digital production facility. It’s a one-stop print shop, offering a wide range of professional printing services for students, staff and faculty.” Services include wide-format printing for banners and posters, digital printing with scanning and archiving, and offset printing for brochures and business cards. Printing services can also be customized, depending on your university’s needs. At Florida State University, for example, The UPS Store does the printing for the entire university.

3. Move in/move out services

Campuses become chaotic at the beginning and end of each semester, with vehicles, boxes and students’ belongings going in every direction. “Move in/move out is a massive pain-point for universities,” says Chambers. “The UPS Store offers assistance during these times, and we can customize services depending on what the university’s needs are.”

During the move-in period, students can have their items shipped to The UPS Store prior to their arrival on campus. It’s essentially a home-to-home service. Boxes are sent to the student’s home for packing, and The UPS Store will ensure that they’re delivered to their dorm room prior to the designated move-in date. During the move-out period, The UPS Store can ensure that a student’s items are professionally prepped for travel by plane or car, while also providing appropriate shipping supplies like cushioning material and moving boxes.

4. Ancillary campus services

Finally, The UPS Store offers a range of ancillary business services. From passport photos and notary services to binding, lamination, book delivery, shredding and conference support, there’s a variety of The UPS Store services aimed at making day-to-day campus life a little bit easier. And it’s all customizable on a case-by-case basis, so whatever your institution’s needs, we can make sure you’re catered to.

The logistical challenges of campus mailroom operations can seem daunting, but The UPS Store has a wide range of services that can help you every step of the way. Find out more about the professional services The UPS Store can provide to your college or university.


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