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Luxury retailer stops global fraud in its tracks

Miansai e-commerce leader, Zack Simpson, shown on office spiral staircase

"We had more international fraud than I had ever faced in my career," says Zack Simpson, who heads e-commerce efforts for luxury accessories retailer Miansai , based in Miami. "The fraud problem was huge. It was even beginning to cause issues with our banking relationships."

International credit card criminals find jewelry and retail products especially attractive. They use sophisticated methods to defraud merchants, who are often ill equipped to prevent digital-era theft.

Miansai is a tempting target - just under half its weekly shipments are sent to international customers. With i-parcel® from UPS® in place, Miansai stopped credit card fraud cold.

"It was like turning off a faucet. We eliminated thousands of dollars' worth of international fraud orders," says Simpson. "With i-parcel from UPS, we are now confident that 100 percent of our orders are fraud-free."

Benefits beyond fraud prevention

i-parcel from UPS offered Miansai an affordable international delivery option with the speed, reliability and visibility that online shoppers demand. The UPS solution also delivered value in ways other than fraud relief, says Chris Veck, Miansai's chief information officer.

"Our return on investment really started with the ease of integrating i-parcel from UPS into our systems," says Veck. "We started doing things in two weeks versus the typical 90-day ramp-up time from other providers. We also needed a partner that could help us provide a localized experience to our international customers - local currency, fully landed costs in the cart that ended sticker shock, and dependable delivery. UPS provided all three."

UPS transformed customer satisfaction. "Complaints are no longer an issue," Simpson says. "Now when we are on the phone with a customer, we talk about bigger orders and business growth, not shipping complaints."

Miansai credits international order growth to i-parcel from UPS

Global sales mean the world to Miansai. The designer's best-selling products  eye-catching rope bracelets fastened with handcrafted metal hooks and anchors  have strong global appeal. International orders bring increased revenue, as customers abroad order the bracelets andother Miansai products in higher volume than domestic shoppers.

"International has always been a huge part of our business - about 44 percent of our revenue right now. Since we implemented i-parcel from UPS, our international orders have increased. We attribute that to our partnership with UPS."

"i-parcel from UPS has even helped us control our international shipping costs, especially to major markets like Australia," says Simpson.

Over-the-top service Down Under

i-parcel from UPS lets online retailers like Miansai confidently click an e-commerce retail presence to life in more than 100 countries. "I can open a new country more comfortably with i-parcel from UPS," says Simpson. "We are very interested in mainland China, for example. Once we turn on the brand spigot there, we expect to see sales really flow.

"We've always said if UPS can ship to a place, we will sell there, too," he adds. A photograph that hangs in the Soho anchor store in New York City explains Miansai's deep confidence in UPS.

"A customer in Australia wanted sets of cuff links for groomsmen in his wedding," Simpson says. "They had to be there on time. No late deliveries. No excuses.

"We felt absolutely confident with i-parcel from UPS. We knew without any doubt these gifts would arrive there for the wedding. Our customer sent us a photo of himself and his groomsmen," says Simpson. "They're wearing big smiles… and Miansai cuff links."

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