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UPS Trade Management

Complement Your In-House Trade Functions with 80 Years of Experience and Innovation

As the global economy evolves, more sophisticated supply chains require advanced knowledge of complex international regulations. Reduce your risk and total costs by using UPS's proven expertise in import regulations, classification/valuation, compliance procedures and security initiatives to complement in-house trade functions.

UPS trade management services offer extensive knowledge and industry experience in the following areas:

Trade Management Import Services

  • Import services
  • Compliance services
  • Special trade program design and management
  • Reconciliation 
  • Post entry
  • Data and document management

Trade Management Export Services

  • Export services
  • Compliance services
  • Sales Order Processing
  • Denied Party Screening and License Determination
  • Generation of Shipping Documents
  • Forwarder Management
  • Data and document management
Partner with UPS to develop a customized program that improves tariff optimization, increases visibility to all parties, and creates internal procedures to enhance compliance performance. Either on-site or off-site, UPS can work with your company to manage specific functions such as:
  • Portfolio of import, export and compliance services
  • Classification and maintenance of product database
  • Product research (rulings, valuation, documentation)
  • Valuation and reconciliation of entries
  • Broker and vendor management 
  • Auditing and recordkeeping for import and export transactions
  • Data and document management
  • Milestone tracking and visibility
  • Management reporting
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