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Harness the Advantages of Foreign Trade Zones (FTZ)

Zone Solutions

As your global supply chain evolves, you may face increased challenges managing risk and cost. Perhaps you've considered foreign trade zones as a way to address risk while reducing duties, import taxes and fees. If you thought you lacked the expertise and weren't sure about the investment, we can help.

UPS Zone Solutions, an experienced leader in FTZs for more than 20 years, offers a comprehensive suite of FTZ solutions—from consultation, to FTZ systems implementation, to Foreign Trade Zone Managed Services, to complete end-to-end FTZ warehousing—to help you improve visibility, increase compliance, manage costs, and improve service levels.

UPS Zone Solutions can assess your specific situation and needs, and provide feedback regarding whether an FTZ is right for you, and which FTZ solution will best meet your needs.

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Steps to evaluate an FTZ

Use our FTZ cost calculator to determine the estimated value and savings of an FTZ

Obtain a tailor-made cost savings estimate

Consult with us for a tailored solution

Our Managed Services can help you make your global supply chain more efficient

Once you're up and running, we can manage all your FTZ-related activity. We monitor and reconcile all transactions entering and exiting to help you improve compliance.

Proper FTZ operations can provide a number of benefits:

  • Duty deferral - delay paying duty until goods enter into U.S. commerce
  • Duty elimination - owe no duty when exporting goods out of the zone or when destroying goods no longer needed (and not entered for consumption in the United States)
  • Inverted tariff shift - the use of kitting or manufacturing techniques in the FTZ may result in a new tariff classification with a lower duty rate
  • Fee consolidation - your entries to Customs are consolidated into one weekly entry
  • Time to market - goods that have not yet received FDA approval, or approval from another government agency, may be housed in an FTZ in anticipation of approval, and ready for market
  • Regulatory compliance - systematic monitoring of FTZ transactions drives consistent processes

FTZ Solutions to fit your specific needs

Consolidate goods at Gateways for increased compliance and reduced cost

Goods imported through UPS Gateway FTZs undergo rigorous audits and validations before entering the United States, and help to improve compliance and minimize risk. Utilizing the UPS Gateway FTZs may be able to help you consolidate goods into a single customs entry, and minimize entry and merchandise processing fees and taxes.

UPS offers Gateway FTZ through four gateways: Dallas, Los Angeles, New York (JFK), and Chicago. 

A full end-to-end FTZ solution

UPS Zone Solutions, in conjunction with UPS Global Logistics and Distribution, can provide a complete FTZ experience. Our turnkey solution includes Professional FTZ Managed Services, along with providing, and managing warehouse space for your merchandise. Our Global Logistics & Distribution warehouse services can optimize your distribution process, while our FTZ managed servicse can help you take full advantage of the compliance and cost improvements attainable through an FTZ program.

UPS Zone Solutions General Purpose Zones 

When you need the benefits of an FTZ but aren't quite ready for your own dedicated zone, UPS Zone Solutions offers access to UPS General Purpose Zones (GPZ) in specific US locations. Our general purpose zones are designed to meet the needs of multiple customers, while helping you maintain individualized service, security and compliance for merchandise located within the zone.

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