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UPS Access Point® Locations

Get rewarded this holiday season when you set your preferred UPS Access Point location

Target Access Point Logo

Earn up to a $15 Target eGiftCard® by redirecting all of your precious holiday packages to your preferred pickup Access Point location between now and January 12, 20201.

1st Package
One-month upgrade to UPS My Choice® Premium
3rd Package
$5 toward a Target eGiftCard®
5th Package
$5 toward a Target eGiftCard® AND

An additional two-month upgrade to UPS My Choice Premium
10th Package
$5 toward a Target eGiftCard® AND

An additional three-month upgrade to UPS My Choice Premium

1.Terms and conditions apply

If your preferred location is a Michaels store, you can expect a special offer in 2020.

Find your location

Choose from thousands of UPS Lockers, stores and trusted retail locations near you.

Get started by setting your preferred location

To automatically redirect all your packages to a UPS Access Point location:

1. Log in

Log in to your UPS My Choice® account.

2. Set preferences

Select "Preferences" and click "Edit" within the UPS My Choice area (Not a UPS My Choice member? Join now).

3. Select location

Under "Driver Instructions," expand "Alternate Delivery Location" and follow the listed steps.

4. Save

Click "Save changes."

Additional benefits of using UPS Access Point locations

  • Redirect Access Point
  • Redirect your package
    1. Log in to your UPS My Choice account. Not a member? Join now.

    2. Click on your delivery. Manage all deliveries on your My Choice account

    3. Redirect to an Access Point. Find one here.

  • Pickup Access Point
  • Pick up your package
    1. Get notification. We’ll alert you when your package is ready.

    2. Bring your ID. Make sure address matches delivery info.

    3. Sign and go about your day.

  • DropOff Access Point
  • Drop off your package
    1. Package it. Print label and check restrictions.

    2. Go to any Access Point location. Yes, any location will accept it.

    3. Drop it off. We’ll take care of the rest.


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