3D Printing Services

Efficiency through Innovation

3D Printing ServicesGrowing your business requires some innovation. As production increases, you need more efficient ways to keep up with the demands of your customers. 3D printing can help your business reach new goals by moving past traditional manufacturing methods.

3D printing, or additive manufacturing, uses industrial-grade technology to "print" metal and plastic materials layer upon layer to produce a finished part. This service simplifies your production process, shortens delivery time of your products, and saves you money with no upfront tooling fees or added costs for complexity. In addition, 3D printing offers benefits like on-demand prototyping and low volume production with no fixed costs, making highly customized runs economical.

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A Growing Industry

The market for 3D printing is quickly growing as businesses discover the benefits of innovative manufacturing:

  • Medical, Aerospace, Automotive, and Consumer Products/Electronics are 67% of the industries using 3D printing
  • North America makes up 40.1% of the market, Asia and Europe combined make up 55%
  • Custom short run production represented 42.6% of total 3D printing revenues in 2014 and is the fastest growing segment
  • The average speed of production is expected to increase 88% by 2023, allowing build chambers of printers to double in size

UPS and Fast Radius

Speed and ease of your shipment are just as important for your business as production. Fast Radius offers automated 3D printing with direct digital manufacturing, capable of handling industrial-scale volume. Partnered with UPS and located at the primary UPS global distribution center in Louisville, KY, Fast Radius provides next day shipping, ensuring you receive your product just as quickly as it was created.

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