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Specialty Pharmaceuticals

Precision from Manufacturer Through the Entire Supply Chain to the Patient

specialty pharmaceuticals logistics

Shipping specialty pharmaceuticals presents a unique set of challenges that require an array of specialized solutions. Whether it’s extensive warehousing and distribution capabilities to help you meet customer demands for time- and temperature-sensitive deliveries or the expertise, industry knowledge and technology solutions of our UPS Healthcare global team, we can help you confirm that your products safely reach your customers, when and where they need them.

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Rely on World-Class Technology and Logistics Expertise

specialty pharmaceuticals logistics

UPS® Premier
Leveraging next-generation technology to offer the highest-quality tracking and management options for critical shipments

Temperature-Controlled Packaging and Transportation
From small package to palletized freight, we offer solutions to help keep your products at the right temperature, every time

Warehousing & Distribution
Coolers, freezers, cryotherapy chambers spread across 116 buildings globally; best-in-class quality program; storage capabilities for regulated products

Patient Experience
From UPS My Choice® software to UPS Access Points® locations, our solutions can help you offer your customers greater flexibility and convenience

Product Returns
Numerous returns solutions for recalls, destruction and disposal of pharmaceuticals

The future of healthcare is being built right now, and we're helping to shape it

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