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Lab and CRO Logistics

Helping to Meet Your Needs with Better Technology, Enhanced Visibility and Faster Turnaround Times

Lab logistics

We understand the pressures that today’s labs face in serving patients. You have to preserve specimen integrity and shorten turnaround times, all while keeping an eye on your bottom line. Our customized lab logistics solutions can help. With an array of specialized services for protecting vital samples during storage and transit as well as greater flexibility and control over shipments to help reduce spoilage and delays, we can help you mitigate risk, keep costs down and, most importantly, provide a better customer/patient experience.

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Lab Logistics that Help You Deliver Better Results

Lab logistics

Early Delivery
We have more next-day deliveries by 8:00 AM than any other major U.S. carrier

UPS® Pickup Point
Gain greater reliability, consistency and visibility when shipping between the clinic and the lab

Lab Packaging Solutions
Our best-in-class lab packaging helps ensure specimen stability and visibility

Proven UPS Lab Onboarding Process
Standardized implementation for your clinicians helps to ensure smooth transition

UPS Flight Forward™
Drone delivery offers the possibility of even faster transportation times for critical specimen shipments

Clinical Trial Bio-Specimen Logistics
Marken is the leading provider of central lab supply chain services

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