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Implantable Medical Devices

Helping Make Sure the Right Product is at the Right Place at the Right Time

implantable medical devices logistics

With increasing cost pressures and regulatory requirements, it’s more important than ever that you streamline efficiencies to remain competitive. That’s where UPS Healthcare logistics experts can help. Whether you’re looking to operate more efficiently within the U.S. or take on the unique challenges of global expansion, we can customize solutions for your specific needs. With dozens of healthcare-dedicated facilities as well as hundreds of field stocking locations, we can strategically position your inventory across our integrated distribution network, helping to reduce the number of touch points and excess inventory. We can help you reach patients faster, while providing tracking visibility across the full supply chain.

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We Can Help You Manage Your Supply Chain with Surgical Precision

implantable medical devices logistics

Field Stocking Locations
Reach 80% of hospitals within 4 hours of UPS’s field stocking locations

Loaner Hub
Replenishment and kitting services helping to improve turnaround to the next case

Express Critical®
On-demand, same-day delivery options for urgent, time-sensitive products

Inventory/Transportation Management
Technology-driven inventory and transportation optimization

The future of healthcare is being built right now, and we're helping to shape it

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