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Home Health and Wellness

Agile Solutions and Capabilities for Home Health

home health logistics

As healthcare begins to move away from traditional settings, the industry is evolving to manage the delivery of medicine, medical supplies and devices, and even care to the home.  We have the small package network to help ensure fast and reliable shipping of your products to your patients’ homes, and the technology to offer greater flexibility and control of these shipments.

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Offer Your Customers Greater Convenience and Control

home health logistics

UPS® E-Fulfillment
An outsourced fulfillment solution that helps eliminate the need to hold inventory and pick, pack and ship and ensure delivery dates

Weekend Delivery
Enhancing shipping speed and enabling your patients to receive packages 7 days a week

UPS My Choice® for home
Provide your customers with advanced visibility and greater control over when, where and how they’ll receive their deliveries

UPS Access Point® Locations
Enhanced flexibility and control over when and where your healthcare products are received

Global Home Care Services via Marken
Delivery into patients' homes in over 57 countries

The future of healthcare is being built right now, and UPS is helping to shape it.

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