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UPS Temperature True® Packaging

Turn to UPS when you need help to determine right-size packages and minimize costs

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Finding a solution to shipping your temperature-sensitive healthcare products can be complex, costly and troublesome. That's why UPS Temperature True® Packaging, a thermal management solution that offers you first-rate customized packaging, is here to help.

Packaging consulting services offering value and viability

From custom to standardized design, UPS analyzes your options, then works to create a cost-efficient solution for your needs. Also, if you're worried about meeting product protection requirements, contract our Package Design and Test Lab for help with compression to vibration to temperature testing.

UPS Temperature True® Packaging works to:

  • assess appropriate state-of the-art packaging and accessories
  • optimize the use of monitoring devices
  • utilize packaging strategies that provide you with access to premium product protection at competitive prices

Optimized Solutions

Saving money and time means a lot to you. Which is why UPS helps you determine the appropriate solution that will meet your product specifications and distribution needs so your staff can focus on business.

  • Single-use and reusable packaging
  • Solutions for small package, pallet and cargo
  • Regional, continental and worldwide transport
  • Identifying suppliers that provide effective packaging solutions on negotiated terms

UPS wants you to have peace of mind when it comes to your temperature-sensitive packaging needs, because your bottom line is more than packages, it's your patients' medical outcome too.

UPS Temperature True® Packaging

UPS Temperature True® Packaging provides pre-qualified packaging systems for your temperature-sensitive products at a competitive cost. We offer packaging options to protect products with a range of time and temperature requirements. Check out our spec sheets to learn more.

  • Med 200

    A light-weight alternative ideal for shipping single-dose and smaller-size medicines requiring cool temperatures in transit

  • Med 300

    Easily assembled packaging system; an efficient, reliable solution ideal for next-day delivery to your customers

  • Med 400

    A refrigerated shipping system with self-contained cooler that can be stored at room temperature, requiring no additional refrigerants

  • Med 500

    A robust system offering frozen, refrigerated, and CRT temperature options to protect products for extended time in transit