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UPS Temperature True® Cryo

When viability is paramount, choose better protection with cryogenic shipping from UPS

When your critical biologics are on the move, peace of mind is priceless. So trust UPS Temperature True Cryo, powered by Cryoport Inc., to provide a comprehensive shipping solution, from ordering and documentation to packaging and transportation -- and all backed by UPS's reliable, transportation network.

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How it works:

When you choose Temperature True Cryo, UPS delivers a pre-charged, liquid-nitrogen dry-vapor shipping container directly to your location, complete with documentation and pre-printed shipping labels. UPS picks up the loaded shipment for transportation. At its destination, after the container is unloaded, UPS will return the empty container for reconditioning and re-use.

And when you're moving materials across the country, 24/7 monitoring throughout the journey is provided by UPS's network of "control towers," so you can be confident your shipment is safeguarded every step of the way.

Advanced container technology:

UPS Temperature True Cryo shipping containers offer:

  • Protection: Validated to maintain -150ºC for 10 or more days
  • Safety: Spill-proof container for non-hazardous contents
  • Acceptability: Fully meets IATA requirements for non-infectious materials
  • Sustainability: Reusable containers sanitized and recycled after every shipment
  • Simplicity: Pre-charged containers use dry, vapor-phase coolant - no liquid gases or sublimation to worry about.
  • Completeness: Protective outer shipping carton and documentation is integrated with all shipments. Data-loggers are also available

Manage costs simply

Transportation costs are conveniently billed to your UPS account. Plus, when you ship through UPS's integrated network, you eliminate the hassle and complexity of dealing with multiple service providers, while also minimizing hand-offs and mitigating risk for these vital shipments.

Monitor vital signs

UPS Temperature True Cryo offers 24/7 proactive monitoring provided by UPS Proactive Response® to track shipments. Temperature monitors inside the container help demonstrate their viability. In addition, UPS tracking technology and email alerts can keep you informed on where shipments are and when they'll arrive.

Track, protect, and insure

For one flat fee per package, our product protection service UPS Proactive Response® Secure can provide insurance coverage. This service includes round-the-clock shipment monitoring. Proactive Response Secure can pay for the cost of the expediting a delayed shipment or compensate you up to retail value in the unlikely event a delayed shipment is damaged or spoiled.

Shipment Detail History

To demonstrate biologic viability, you need easily retrieved data to verify shipment condition. Using the cloud-based "Cryoportal," temperature profiles and carrier check-ins are stored for later retrieval for analysis.

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