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Cold Chain Solutions

The cure for your temperature-sensitive supply chain.

UPS Healthcare cold chain solutions worker handling a temperature sensitive project

More healthcare products than ever are temperature-sensitive and need careful protection. Whether you are shipping pharmaceuticals, biologics, lab specimens, or temperature-sensitive reagents, we've got thermal packaging solutions, freight containers, monitoring devices, and monitoring and intervention solutions that can help deliver your products at the right time—and in the right condition.

Our growing global network of healthcare optimized facilities includes more than 10 million square feet across more than 100 warehouses with temperature- and humidity-controlled environments to ensure products remain in optimal conditions during transit and storage. Add our 24/7 monitoring and risk mitigation services, to achieve the best patient and profitability outcomes.

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Cold chain solutions

When it comes to managing temperature-critical products compliantly, experience and technology matter. UPS manages 6,500+ temperature-sensitive air/freight shipments for healthcare companies from 64 origins and 163 destinations. And we ensure exacting control every step of the way, including data loggers for temperature monitoring of pharmaceuticals in transit or storage. You can also count on our experts to troubleshoot and plan for transportation contingencies and tailor last-mile delivery solutions.

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