Sustainability for Government Agencies

Reduce your environmental impact with sustainable logistics.

Improve your operating practices, reduce resources used and minimize your overall impact with UPS. No matter where your shipment is going, you can be confident that it will be transported using the most energy-and cost-efficient means available.

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Who This Is For

United States federal, state, and local government agencies and entities.

Green Your Supply Chains

Emissions Compliance

When you partner with a recognized leader in environmental responsibility, you can be sure your supply chain is compliant with Executive Order 13514.UPS Scope 3 emissions reporting and calculation capability. Plus our verified third-party analysis of your shipping carbon footprint, provides the transparency you need and the peace of mind that you're always meeting standards.

Optimized Network

Our integrated service network and our strategically placed warehousing facilities and transport hubs allow for better mode optimization. Which means we aren't wasting resources—or time—to get your shipment where it needs be.

Not only are we using one of the largest alternative fuel and advanced technology fleets to deliver your products, we're making sure our drivers are using the most efficient routes. We use telematics—data-driven innovation—to reduce idling time and make our routing more efficient. 

Sustainable Solutions

Show your customers and constituents your commitment to sustainable shipping solutions through eco-friendly products and services, like reusable envelopes, carbon neutral shipping options and technologies that eliminate waste. Shipping sustainably saves not only time and money, but also gives you a competitive advantage—many of the services are not only good for the earth, they're convenient for your customers too.

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