Emergency Logistics for Disaster Relief

Be ready to respond with emergency logistics support.

Emergency Logistics for Disaster ReliefWhen a humanitarian crisis erupts or a natural disaster strikes, your agency has to kick operations into overdrive. Coordination and execution must be seamless, with lifesaving shipments delivered safely, securely, and on time. Depend on UPS to focus on shipping and distribution, so you can focus on identifying and fulfilling needs. From the Midwest to the Middle East, Africa to Asia, we use our logistics expertise to anticipate possible problems and customize the perfect solution.

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Who This Is For

Federal, state, and local government agencies and entities.

Help For Your Most Urgent Needs

Coordination and Commitment

When disaster strikes it's critical to have reliable resources that bring their best. Our track record of experience providing emergency logistics support will help you have one less detail to work out—and worry about—when the unexpected happens. With access to our global network that already reaches over 200 countries or territories, and the full UPS transportation portfolio, you can expect reliable, secure and efficient multi-modal solutions. And our logistics experts will customize solutions to meet the specialized handling and shipment requirements of time-sensitive materials.

Logistics Teams

We've collaborated with the World Food Programme (WFP) to create Logistics Emergency Teams (LETs). This cross-company partnership relies on employee volunteers with warehousing, transport, and logistics expertise. Based all around the world, these teams are deployed within 48 hours of a humanitarian crisis.

Similarly, we've partnered with the American Red Cross to establish Logistics Action Teams (LATs) in eight states. These teams are comprised solely of employee volunteers who work with non-governmental organizations (NGOs), FEMA, and state governments to mobilize hurricane and tornado relief more efficiently. Efforts include:

Distribution of clean-up supplies
Pickup and delivery of meals to feeding sites
Transportation of shipments from warehouses to service delivery sites
Consultation on warehouse design to optimize space and improve distribution

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