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With the UPS eFulfillment pricing structure, what you see really is what you pay. Our bundled rates don't change seasonally, so you can simply and accurately predict your costs and save money.

If you are considering a direct integration into your system, you may be eligible for UPS Digital Connections, which could cover some of your development costs. Please see UPS Digital Connections for more information.

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UPS eFufillment

eFulfillment pricing can be broken down into four categories:

Inbound receiving rates are based on cubic footage of your inbound shipment.

Bundled fulfillment rates include parcel transportation, supplies, and pick, pack and ship.

Monthly storage rates are based on product size and inventory on hand.

Technology Fee:
The monthly technology fee provides for access to the portal, as well as sales channels and fulfillment centers, and is waived when outbound volume exceeds 300 packages per month.

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eFulfillment Pricing FAQs

How often will I be billed?

Each month you will be billed for fulfillment and shipping, storage of your inventory, and the technology fee (if applicable). New merchants have three months from the date of account creation to reach the required outbound volume before being charged the technology fee. You will also see charges for inbound receipt of any goods shipped to a UPS fulfillment center during that month.

Are there special rates for inbound shipments?

Inbound shipments to UPS eFulfillment can be managed in the platform using our special pricing program. Once you register via the Onboarding Wizard, you will be able to access UPS eFulfillment inbound rates to create UPS Freight® or UPS small package labels for inventory shipments.

The UPS eFulfillment platform will alert you when inventory needs to be replenished.

What are the billing terms?

Billing terms are net 15 days from the invoice date (generally on or about the 15th of the month). The invoice is posted on the portal the same day it is generated.

How are shipped package rates calculated?

UPS eFulfillment shipped package rates are based on a pricing zone, package weight and service level (Economy, Standard, 3-Day, 2-Day, 1-Day). Billable weight is used to calculate the shipping rate. For domestic services, the billable weight is the greater value of the dimensional weight compared to the actual weight.

Is there a guarantee for inbound shipments?

Inbound processing fees will be refunded if inventory is not processed within 3 business days following receipt.*

*Guarantee requires that merchants follow all inbound processing requirements found in UPS eFulfillment’s Inbound Processing Guidelines. Guarantee does not apply for shipments that exceed previously agreed to and approved amounts during scheduling or that are related to special promotions as defined here. UPS reserves the right to suspend the Inbound guarantee without prior notice.