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UPS eFulfillment: Features

Easily compete with larger retailers.

Give your customers what they want by offering 2-day shipping, even across the country. UPS eFulfillment has two strategically-located warehouses, so your inventory is close to your customers and ready for fast, cost-effective fulfillment.

Our fast, reliable shipping means you can earn and keep premium statuses like eBay Fast n' Free and Walmart 2-day shipping. Best of all, you won't break the bank doing so with our affordable bundled rates.

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UPS eFufillment warehouse

Learn why businesses are choosing UPS eFulfillment for order fulfillment and inventory management.

See Why Companies think UPS eFulfillment is Revolutionary

1. Tidal New York

How an east coast company prospers with mostly west coast sales.

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2. Garage Flooring

How order management and multi-modal shipping keeps this retailer on top of inventory.

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3. Hooray Tech

How an electronics retailer increased Seller Fulfilled Prime sales while reducing fulfillment costs.

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Take advantage of our robust eFulfillment solutions to optimize your supply chain.

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Rapid Onboarding

Connect your sales channels in minutes, send us inventory and begin fulfilling orders in as little as a week.

icon of shopping cart

Easy Integration

Integrate into 20+ marketplaces and shopping carts to extend your reach and scale demand quickly.

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Cloud-Based Technology

View and manage orders seamlessly on a single cloud-based platform.

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Prime Fulfillment

Extend your reach while meeting Seller Fulfilled Prime service level agreements.

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Distributed Inventory

Store your inventory close to your customers for fast, cost-effective delivery.

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Returns Management

Leverage UPS's network to efficiently return orders back into your supply chain.

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Business Intelligence

Access reports showing all facets of your business, including sales and inventory.

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Branded Delivery

Turn your packages into promotional opportunities with branded labels and inserts.

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UPS Support

Benefit from UPS's expertise in fulfillment and multi-channel selling.