UPS® eFulfillment

Small Business Fulfillment and Shipping Made Simple

Running a small e-commerce business is tough. So let UPS help with all your fulfillment needs. With our turnkey UPS eFulfillment solution, you send us your inventory, and we pick, pack, and ship everything to your customers. Plus it’s easy to route your online orders to us from over 20 integrated marketplaces and shopping carts. Be up and running in as little as one week with fast, reliable fulfillment and shipping. You focus on selling. We’ll make sure it gets to your customer. Now that’s simple.

Fast and Reliable Inbound, Guaranteed.

Inventory that meets the UPS eFulfillment inbound processing guidelines will be received and available for sale within 3 days or the inbound receipt fee is refunded.

Let’s Get Started

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Deliver What Your Customers Want Without Breaking the Bank

We’ve strategically placed UPS eFulfillment warehouses so you can take orders later in the day and still meet demand for fast delivery anywhere in the Continental U.S. and Canada. We’ll help you scale up, overcome challenges and capitalize on new growth opportunities.

We guarantee inbound inventory is processed within 3 days so that you can keep growing while avoiding costly stock outs.

The UPS eFulfillment risk-free trial is available upon registration. The technology fee is waived for the full three calendar months after registration.

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Easy Onboarding

Connect your online stores in minutes, send us your inventory and start fulfilling orders in as little as a week.
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Simple Order Tracking

Manage listings, track orders across multiple marketplaces or shopping carts and create competitive, dynamic pricing rules all inside the cloud-based platform.
image of UPS eFulfillment order management dashboard

Intuitive Inventory Tracking

Control inventory, receive restocking alerts and use proximity routing from multiple locations to fill orders.
image of UPS eFulfillment inventory management dashboard

Sophisticated Business Insights on One Dashboard

Holistically view and manage your business on one platform with sales and inventory metrics across all of your sales channels.
image of UPS eFulfillment inventory management dashboard

How It Works

1. Connect

Connect your online stores.

Quickly and conveniently connect your sales channels and import your SKUs within minutes.

2. Send

Send us your inventory.

Take advantage of special inbound rates and guaranteed inbound inventory processing to send inventory to our strategically located warehouses.

3. Fulfill

We’ll fulfill your orders.

We process and send orders received by 5 p.m. on the same day, with our 1-, 2-, and 3-day services.

4. Return

We’ll handle returns.

We take care of returns to help you manage your inventory and stay on top of refunds.

Easily Integrate With Over 20 Marketplaces and Shopping Carts

Accelerate Your Digital Growth With Cutting Edge Technology

If you are considering a direct integration into your system, you may be eligible for UPS Digital Connections, which could cover some of your development costs. Please see UPS Digital Connections for more information.