Flexible Delivery Options for Your E-commerce Customers

Improve customer loyalty with safe and convenient alternate delivery locations.

Alternative Delivery Locations

More shoppers are buying online because schedules are packed and shopping from a computer or smartphone provides convenience with multiple retail options.

Those same busy shoppers are frequently away from home and miss package delivery attempts. And that frustration may limit the frequency that shoppers are buying online. But when you offer alternate delivery locations, conveniently accessible to customers, you solve those problems and encourage more purchases more frequently.

Give your customers the opportunity to pick up packages when and where it's best for them.

There are more than 24,000 UPS Access Point® locations across Europe and North America. They are common in large cities where consumer need is greatest. Our team scouts neighborhoods to find local businesses that are safe and convenient options for your customers to pick up their online purchases.

Here's how it works:

  • Add UPS Access Point locations to your online checkout as a delivery option for eligible packages, either through an Application Programming Interface (API) or plug-in tool.
  • Shoppers then see available delivery locations at checkout, including up-to-date hours and contact information, and select a nearby store if that's more helpful than sending shipments to their homes or offices.
  • Your shoppers get automatic email or text alerts when their packages are ready for pick up, depending on their preferences.
  • Shoppers collect their shipments at a time suitable for their individual schedules.

And since schedules change, invite your customers to sign up for UPS My Choice® service, so they can proactively redirect and reschedule eligible shipments as needed. The extra flexibility improves the overall shopping experience, helping you boost customer satisfaction and the likelihood of repeat sales.

See How UPS My Choice Service Complements Your Customer Experience

Deliver a consistent, strong experience across borders and with UPS Returns® service.

Our international network means you and your customers know what to expect whether you're shipping in-country or across continents. The precision and reliability of the network allows you to build confidence as your business crosses borders.

Your customers are looking for the same confidence and convenience with the UPS Returns process. Unease can contribute to cart abandonment, so offering a network of drop-off locations can help assure customers of easier returns.

Find More Ways We Can Help You Improve Your Returns Process

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