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UPS SampleSure®

Sample Distribution

Your healthcare business has specific challenges. Shipping drug samples requires you to meet all sorts of local, state and federal regulations. It's important that you achieve compliance for every order you process.

You need user-friendly software systems that integrate drug sample ordering and provide shipping data with comprehensive activity reporting, and you need total control over processes. Choosing the right combination of solutions, carrier, and experience can make the difference. We can help you ensure that regulated goods are shipped properly and that the process is seamless and efficient.

UPS SampleSure® captures data from the moment you initiate a drug sample order and tracks it all along the way. It's designed to help you ship pharmaceutical samples to licensed practitioners, hospitals, and drug sample representatives, securely, and reliably. Vital information for every shipment can be stored for future reconciliation and reporting. Missing shipping or delivery information proactively triggers a follow-up. Our system simplifies your processes and increases the integrity of your drug sample distribution--making compliance with CFR 21 part 11 sample shipment regulations more straightforward with less risk of human error than manual processing.

Records Storage Capability

While the U.S. Federal Drug Administration requires storage of shipping records for three years, UPS SampleSure gives you the option of storing them longer. Order, shipping, and delivery files are reconciled and stored, and the data storage is flexible so you decide how long to keep it.

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Our proven delivery confirmation capability and electronic recordkeeping systems help you ensure proper deliveries are made. You'll be able to capture and retain shipment and delivery information to meet Prescription Drug Marketing Act (PDMA) requirements. Get proof of delivery, fast resolution of audit concerns, quick response to order status inquiries, electronic receipts for required information, reporting with exception reports, streamlined reconciliation and record storage-all to make compliance easy.
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