Packaging Engineering

Packaging EngineeringThere's a science to making sure shipments arrive safely and intact--it begins with the packaging and package engineering. At the UPS Package Design and Test Lab our certified engineers use leading-edge technologies to simulate real-world package transport scenarios.

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Package Testing

Movement along your supply chain can take a toll on your shipments, and your packaging must be able to hold up under various conditions. UPS's test lab is a place where packages are tested for their endurance under extreme conditions. Here packages go through compression, impact, vibration, and shock tests. The data from these tests help our engineers identify the most appropriate packaging for your product to help prevent damages, minimize reshipments, and keep your customers coming back for more.

We perform ISTA certified tests, such as:
  • TAPPI 810 Bursting Strength
  • TAPPI 811 Edge Crush Resistance
  • ASTM D642 Compression
  • ASTM D3332 Product Shock Fragility
  • ASTM D3580 Product Vibration

Our Package Design and Test Lab is an International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) certified facility and includes the necessary equipment to simulate frozen or winter ambient, tropical (wet), desert (dry) or summer ambient, or cycling of various conditions.

Temperature and Humidity

Did you know that shipping cartons can lose half their original compressive resistance in a 95% relative-humidity climate? In arid, hot climates packaging can become brittle and susceptible to tearing. The packaging method you use can improve product transportation survivability, and UPS can help.

UPS's Package Engineering team uses temperature and humidity chambers to test the sensitivity of transportation packaging materials and the effect of extremes on goods like pharmaceuticals and food products.

Proper Planning Pays Off

Before you ship a new product or try new packaging, you could save time and money by having UPS evaluate your supply chain, shipping containers, and packaging materials, or measure the result of elemental forces. We can offer package design and material recommendations to mitigate shipment damage. If your shipments are governed by federal, state or local regulations, having the assurance of proper packaging delivers peace-of-mind--keeping regulators and your customers satisfied.

Overseas Shipping

Preparing shipments for export or import overseas can present a very different set of packaging challenges. Our certified packaging engineers can determine the best configuration of both the primary (product package) and secondary (outside package) packaging. We can also help you plan the best pallet load configuration for both warehousing and shipping to minimize unused space and to help reduce overall shipping cost.

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