Inventory Optimization Solutions

 Inventory Optimization SolutionsLet us help you see inventory levels across your entire supply chain--holistically. Inventories at any level or "echelon" can have impacts up or downstream in your supply chain. We'll review raw materials and component inventories through internal channels and nodes and, in some cases, all the way down to the retail shelf to create an inventory optimization plan tailored to your business.  

Analyzing Inventory Optimization

Global, multi-echelon inventory optimization strategically positions raw materials, work in progress (WIP) and finished goods inventory across the supply chain. This improves inventory turns and service levels while freeing working capital and increasing cash flow. We use a combination of business analysis, intellectual property, and modeling tools to assist you in developing and defining strategies for sourcing, transportation, and inventory holding cost.

Analysis and assessment address the following:

  • Inventory levels by product
  • Inventory form at each node--raw material, finished goods, WIP
  • Inventory drivers
  • Service
  • Supply and demand uncertainty
  • Lead times
  • Inventory policies
  • Transportation modes
  • Node to node impacts

Our Process

We use a ten step process to analyze and design an optimal inventory management solution unique to your business.

  1. Define project scope
  2. Gather detailed data set
  3. Establish design assumptions
  4. Baseline existing supply chain network
  5. Identify improvement opportunities
  6. Develop scenarios
  7. Run scenarios
  8. Rationalize the scenarios
  9. Compare scenarios to each other and the baseline
  10. Develop recommendations, present conclusions
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