Shipping Services

Shipping Services


  • Shipping

    Services and technology for managing your shipping process—from individuals to enterprises, local to global.

  • Tracking

    Monitoring and management solutions for individuals, complex global supply chains, and everyone in between.

  • Billing

    View and manage your UPS invoices securely online, with additional features to streamline your process.

  • International Shipping

    Services, resources, and technologies to help get your products through customs to market more quickly.

  • Contract Logistics

    Expertise and infrastructure to optimize your supply chain, from global delivery to warehousing and returns management.

  • Integrating UPS Technology

    Integrate UPS technology into your systems or website to streamline processes and share across your enterprise.

  • Sustainability

    Achieve your sustainability goals with help from UPS services and practices created with our promise to efficiency and environmental responsibility in mind.

  • Customer Solutions

    Collaborate with UPS experts to create a customized plan of services, solutions, and technology tools to meet your unique business challenges.

  • E-Commerce

    Find shipping services and technology tools to enhance your online store or to create one from scratch.



  • Aerospace

    Supply chain optimization to support growth for the aerospace industry.

  • Automotive

    End-to-end logistics solutions for OEMs, dealers, and aftermarket suppliers.

  • Consumer Services

    Innovative technology, transportation and logistics solutions for service companies.

  • Defense

    Time-sensitive and high-security solutions to serve defense agencies and contractors.

  • Government Agencies

    Shipping, supply chain and compliance solutions for federal, state and local agencies.

  • Healthcare

    Time and temperature-sensitive solutions, and comprehensive global logistics support.

  • High Tech

    Distribution, returns, post-sales, and technology solutions—designed for high-tech success.

  • Industrial Products

    Solutions and tools that speed fulfillment, increase efficiencies, and improve customer service.

  • Professional Services

    Overnight services and technologies to enhance the client experience, promote your firm's brand and streamline shipping, tracking and billing processes.

  • Retail & Consumer Goods

    Expert support and technology to help you deliver a superior online or in-store customer experience.



  • Being More Sustainable

    Deliver to more customers with less impact to the environment with packaging and carbon reduction solutions.

  • Growing Your Business

    Adaptability is critical to growth. Scale flexibly, manage cash flow, and go global with UPS logistics and supply chain solutions.

  • Improving Cash Flow

    Control shipping costs, improve billing cycles, and streamline cost allocation with technology tools to help you manage expenses.

  • Improving Time to Market

    Let us consolidate your shipments to bypass distribution centers and streamline customs clearance to improve time to market.

  • Managing Supply Chain

    Leverage our expertise: create greater efficiencies and a more competitive edge--build an agile supply chain that delivers exceptional customer service.

  • Protecting your ShipmentsOpen the link in a new window

    Mitigate financial risks associated with lost, damaged or delayed deliveries with insurance products designed to protect your bottom line.

  • Shipping Internationally

    Simplify importing and exporting with shipping, tracking, and international tools to speed customs clearance while ensuring compliance and security.

  • Integrating Technology

    We work hard so you can work smart. Integrate UPS Technology--streamline processes, reduce errors, and share data across your enterprise.



  • Mid-to-Large Business

    Comprehensive and customizable services to suit your enterprise needs.

  • Small Business

    Services, tools, and support tailored specifically for start-ups and small business.

  • Personal Shipping

    Convenient, dependable services and tools that make sending and receiving packages easy.

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