EEI Filing Method

I have an ITN: U.S. Customs assigns an Internal Transaction Number (ITN) when you file your EEI. We use this number to confirm your EEI.

No EEI Needed: Your shipment doesn't require an EEI if the total value is under US$2,500 and you are not shipping items that require an export license.

Self-file with AES Direct (AES OPT 2): File your own EEI through You must file before export of your shipment unless you are an approved U.S. Principal Party In Interest (USPPI).

UPS file my EEI for me: We can file your EEI with U.S. Customs for an additional fee.

File Post Departure (AES OPT 4): If you are an approved USPPI, you must file within 10 calendar days of your export date.