UPS Worldwide Express Freight Center

UPS Worldwide Express Freight™ Centers are staffed locations prepared to meet your UPS Worldwide Express Freight shipment needs.

These facilities are fully staffed and equipped to handle your UPS Worldwide Express Freight shipments. As such, your shipment must be:

  • International
  • Stackable
  • Secured on a pallet
  • Compliant with all UPS packaging guidelines

You may drop off your shipment or request that it be held for pickup at any of these centers, which are located in major metropolitan areas near airports for greater convenience.

Note: Hours of operation may vary by location.

Enjoy the convenience of dropping off or picking up your palletized UPS Worldwide Express Freight shipments at these UPS staffed locations.

Schedule your UPS Worldwide Express Freight shipment online or by calling UPS. In the United States, contact UPS at 1-877-903-9001. Outside the U.S., contact UPS Customer Service.