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WorldShip Message Center

Welcome to the WorldShip® Message Center. This area will be used to alert you to features and functionality that can improve your WorldShip experience, including new features for WorldShip. When there is a new message, the Message Center envelope on the ribbon will have an orange exclamation point to direct you here.

Improve Your Customers’ Delivery Experience with New Automated Day Before Delivery Email Notifications

Help reduce “Where is my package?” calls and returns due to non-delivery with automated Day Before Delivery alerts. The alerts are free for shippers and receivers and are sent to delivery recipients one day prior to the expected delivery date. In the US, alerts are sent only to recipients of residential packages. 

Contact your local country or territory support number to learn moreOpen the link in a new window

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Dangerous Goods Shippers

For shippers that manage chemical tables through an external database or by import/export mappings, new fields required for WorldShip 2017 must be added before Dangerous Goods shipments can be completed.

Learn more about processing a Dangerous Goods shipmentOpen the link in a new window

Shipping Dangerous Goods Globally

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Data Security Upgrade for WorldShip Users

Properly managing customer data is a high priority for UPS, and we work closely with our customers to ensure that critical information is transferred over the Internet using the most current data security standards.

With rapid changes to security requirements, we want to keep you informed of upgrades that will be required in the near future. Your ability to use all of our applications that best meet your business needs is important to us.

Please follow the instructions below for each WorldShip system to ensure that your systems are up to date.

NOTE: Windows XP® and Windows Vista® users: Your operating system must be upgraded to continue to use some of the functionality in WorldShip, such as UPS Smart Pickup®, Air Freight, Ground Freight and tracking.

WorldShip Systems on Windows® 7 and Windows® 8
Effective later this year, UPS will require the TLS 1.2 security protocol for all web-based applications, including WorldShip web based transactions. After this change, any communication requests submitted to UPS using older protocols (TLS 1.1 or earlier) will fail.

We previously noted an implementation deadline. However, this deadline has been postponed. A message object will display within WorldShip when the new schedule has been finalized.

This will impact web transactions for UPS Smart Pickup® (U.S. only) Air Freight, Ground Freight and other ups.com transactions such as tracking. This will not impact your End of Day processing of small package shipments.

To enable TLS 1.2 in commonly used browsers, follow these steps: 

  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer®: In Internet Options, click on the Advanced tab, scroll to the Security section and select Use TLS 1.2. Then click OK. 
  • Firefox® below version 23: Open Settings. On the Advanced tab, click the Encryption tab. Select Use TLS 1.2, then click OK. 
  • Firefox 23 and above: Firefox 23 and above are configured to communicate with TLS 1.2 by default. 
  • Google Chrome™: In Settings, click "Show advanced settings." Find the Network section, and click "Change proxy settings." Click the Advanced tab. Select Use TLS 1.2, and then click OK.

If you have any technical questions or concerns, please call 1-888-553-1118 in the United States or your local country or territory support number..

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Attention Windows Vista Users

WorldShip 2017 will not be supported on Microsoft Windows® Vista. In order to upgrade, your computer must be running either Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10.

Backup and Install Process for Moving WorldShip to a New PC
If you are upgrading your operating system or are moving an existing WorldShip installation to a new computer, these instructions explain how to back up your data and complete the installation.

Moving to new PCOpen the link in a new window

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