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Shipping Management Integrations

UPS Ready multi-carrier shipping management systems help customers manage their shipping processes by helping to streamlining logistics, manage costs, and providing customers flexibility. Shipping management software can be integrated into a customer’s supply chain to more efficiently manage single or multi-location shipping from warehouses, distribution centers, or retail stores.

Abol Software

iabol 2.0

iabol 2.0 is a centralized, web-based shipping platform, empowering authorized users across multiple locations to easily and efficiently process parcels and mail. It is specifically designed for small to medium sized companies incorporating all of the benefits of a "Software as a Service" model including low start-up cost, speed to implementation, centralized reporting and scalability. iabol 2.0 includes the UPS module at no additional cost.

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With AEB's multi-carrier software Carrier Connect, you can create shipping orders fully automated and always provide your transport partners with the right labels, documents and EDI messages - for more than 150 carriers and CEP services. You can quickly and easily integrate transport partners into your processes and thanks to plug-ins, APIs and Web services, you can easily integrate Carrier Connect into host systems such as SAP® ERP, TUP.WMS and SAP® EWM. Through our partner shipcloud, you can also use numerous plug-ins and connections to web shop, CRM, and ERP solutions such as MS Dynamics, SAGE, and Shopify. Also Carrier Connect makes life easier when using SAP S/4HANA®. The result: higher performance of your shipping logistics and less software maintenance effort.

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AfterShip provides the ability to generate labels, calculate shipping rates, track shipments, and manage returns. Manage shipments using our web-based portal with Shopify, Magento, eBay connectors or developer friendly API.

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Agile Network LLC

AgileElite is a multi-carrier enterprise-grade, freight and parcel shipping software application. The SOA, browser-based solution platform is fully integrated with leading OMS, WMS and ERP applications, including Oracle EBS, SAP and Epicor. AgileElite modules include; Agile Pack, Agile Ship, Agile Export, Agile Hazmat, Agile View, and Agile Manage. The Agile and UPS partnership enables customers to lower transportation cost through optimization while automating export compliance, tracking and carrier invoice reconciliation.

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Appath is a UPS Ready certified provider with a cloud solution for multichannel e-commerce businesses of all sizes to entirely manage inventory, orders fulfillment, shipping labels and processes, as well as customer service management. With Appath you have robust automation rules to eliminate manual tasks, unlimited users with permissions control, fully customizable packing slips, and a whole lot more.

Appath is seamlessly integrated with major marketplaces and shopping carts such as Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, Magento, Shopify, Bigcommerce, and many more.

We're committed in Appath being the best e-commmerce complete solution; try Appath risk-free for 30-days.

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Applied Resources Engineering


SHIPSTORE, our Multi Carrier Shipping Software provides integrated rates and service selection based on your specific business rules. The shipping technology handles multiple carriers, international shipping, is configurable and scalable, and can integrate with almost any ERP system. Functionality of the software includes: UPS Rates and Service Selection for route optimization, UPS Tracking, UPS Address Validation, pack verification, carrier compliance, UPS Shipping (label generation), forms and document creation, and order processing from multiple stations with multiple users across multiple client facilities. The Applied Resources Engineering and UPS integration helps companies lower costs, modernize shipping departments and automate key processes in the shipping supply chain.

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Carrera Computers

Freight Plus

Freight+ is a multi-carrier, multi user shipping manifest system that can run stand-alone or integrated with a variety of software platforms using our API library.  Run Freight+ from inside YOUR applications using simple commands.

Compatible with most Microsoft Languages VB, C++, VB.NET, JScrip, .Net, ASP, VFP etc.

Connect to SQL, MS Access, Oracle, dBase, Foxpro, VB ect. In addition to our standard interface you can attach to any ODBC or SQL data source using Freight+ ODBC\SQL Mapper program.

Our product is proven and dependable. We have clients shipping 5000+ boxes everyday over a 10 year period with no down time.  References available.

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Centiro believes in empowering logistics for successful companies. Our cloud-based application suite for delivery management and logistics collaboration allows shippers to manage and use a global catalogue of delivery services – inbound, outbound, and returns – for a seamless and consistent customer experience.

We provide a full range of value-creating features with the end customer in mind; from up-stream service selection, labels, and manifesting through tracking and proactive event management to end-to-end order-process overviews. This gives shippers complete visibility and optimized control over how delivery services are deployed and used. Centiro has a long-standing history of serving the finest, most innovative, and demanding supply chains in the world.

We hold industry leading security certifications for ISO/IEC 27001, 27017, 27018, and 27032. This addresses a range of strategic and business-critical perspectives from general security to processing of personal information and cybersecurity. Centiro partners with key logistics service providers, and software vendors including JDA, IBM, SAP, and Microsoft.

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Consignor supports your delivery processes by making it simpler, quicker and cheaper to ship orders to customers. Our sole focus is Delivery Management.

We develop the Consignor software platform, which includes all stages of shipping and delivery and offer customers an integrated, sustainable and complete delivery solution that will continue to perform and develop in line with their strategies.

As the leading provider of Delivery Management software, Consignor combine in-depth knowledge of transportation and logistics with outstanding software architecture and design. Our software holds the largest carrier library in the world connecting every shipper to the carriers that best match their shipping needs.

Handling millions of shipments per year, the Consignor platform makes it possible for our more than 10,000 customers to choose the best solution for their shipments, regardless of which carrier, ERP, WMS or webshop they are using. Our client portfolio ranges from small online shops to large multinational companies. We take pride in listening to our customers’ needs, and growing in line with our customers both geographically and in terms of how we can solve their needs.

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CMS GlobalSoft

CMS GlobalSoft was founded in 1988 as both a consultant and reseller of shipping manifest software. We developed CMS WorldLink -- our enterprise-wide, browser-based, multi-carrier shipping system -- to meet the industry needs for a more robust shipping application. CMS WorldLink is a state-of-the-art, automated transportation management and shipping application suited for both small and large enterprises and enables management of multiple distribution centers located virtually anywhere in the world from a convenient and centralized server.

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ConnectShip is a wholly owned technology subsidiary of UPS that extends patented multi-carrier shipping software to third party transportation solution providers and large-volume shippers. Many Fortune 500 companies rely on our technology to power shipping throughout their supply chains.

ConnectShip technology integrates seamlessly into a wide range of business systems, including ERP, transportation management, and warehouse management systems, by leveraging industry-standard interfaces. Our shipping solutions are scalable to fit customers’ growth and global expansion goals.

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DesktopShipper is designed for any type of business model from start-ups to enterprise businesses to fulfillment companies. We’re here to help automate how you ship with UPS Ready, and we take pride in seeing our customers succeed. Sync orders from multiple marketplaces into one centralized view, filter orders, create batches and print custom packing slips. You have the ability to print and ship in seconds, making DesktopShipper one of the fastest shipping solutions on the market.

Top features include:

  • Third-Party Billing
  • Saturday Delivery
  • EDI Billing
  • US and Canada Origin Support

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DigitalShipper is built on Microsoft .NET technologies and is one of the most robust and versatile shipping applications on the market today.  Whether automating your shipping processes using DigitalShipper's Web Services or through the standard Browser plug-in, you can quickly adapt to business changes and solve even the most complicated warehouse problems.
DigitalShipper provides a true enterprise-level shipping architecture with many benefits:

  • Reduction in the total cost of hardware, software, maintenance and IT resources
  • Ease of configuring and managing each location's shipping needs
  • Accessibility and visibility of shipping data from all locations
  • Unlimited users, workstations, and carrier accounts

In addition to support for UPS small package shipments, DigitalShipper offers out-of-the-box automation for LTL shipments with printing capabilities using a standard Straight Bill of Lading and pallet-level labels.

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EasyPost is a simple, yet powerful shopping cart for businesses. EasyPost's multi-carrier RESTful JSON API is geared for developers, and allows customers to ship domestically and internationally from the US and from countries all over the world.

The EasyPost API provides:

  • Rating - Quickly determine rate information for UPS.
  • Shipping - Manage shipping through your UPS account.
  • Tracking - Request package statuses via our API, and set endpoints that update without repeated polling.
  • Address Verification - Real-time address verification.
  • Customs - Customs for International shipments as well as Paperless Invoice.
  • Batch Shipping - Batch label processing for high volume shipments.

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eShipGlobal Inc, a leading multi-carrier shipping solution provider leveraged across 800 + clients, provides web-based, integrated enterprise shipping software for universities, government agencies, manufacturers, distributors, hospitals, healthcare and more.

eShipGlobal’s multi-carrier solution is a self-configurable shipping solution for domestic and international small parcel/freight that is deployed across an organization to manage and facilitate inbound and outbound shipments, rate shop to ensure best price and transit time, provide enhanced export and hazmat shipping compliance, print all required documentation and automate billing, auditing and invoicing processes.

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Harvey Software


Harvey Software's CPS provides a cost-efficient, comprehensive shipping software solution to meet multi-carrier parcel transportation needs. CPS benefits include printing carrier compliant shipping labels, integration options, and customized reporting capabilities and settings. The CPS price and performance attracts both smaller and larger shippers, including many Fortune 500 users. For more information, visit our website.

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An Internet-connected information management system. It provides complete control over weighing, rating, processing, and accounting of all outbound mail and shipping.

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InsiteShip simplifies the shipping process for parcel, LTL, and truckload shipments and automates the most repetitive and challenging tasks, effectively eliminating shipping errors for manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. Through deep and total integration with your enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer resource management (CRM), ecommerce, accounting and other back-end systems, InsiteShip increases shipping efficiency and improves your business performance.

InsiteShip provides enterprise organizations with:

  • Robust shipment planning tools.
  • Rate shopping capability.
  • Order picking and packing options including case-level shipment detail.
  • The ability to print all shipment paperwork for as well as customer-specific labels, including the UCC-128.
  • Automated international and hazardous materials documentation.
  • Automated tracking and email notifications.
  • Advanced Shipping Notification (ASN) and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) capability.
  • The ability to support all UPS small parcel shipments as well as print Bills of Lading (BOLs) for UPS Freight shipments.

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Clippership is the most recognized and widely deployed multi-carrier shipping solution among shipping and logistics professionals today. It is an attended shipping solution for organizations managing a small to medium volume of small parcel shipments using one or more shipping stations in a single location.

In addition to support for UPS small parcel shipments, Clippership has the ability to support rating and Bill of Lading printing for UPS Freight shipments.


Flagship is an advanced, enterprise class multi-carrier shipping solution that handles some of the largest parcel volumes in the world. The advanced architecture provides the ability to implement high availability and fail-over solutions for mission critical shipping departments. A wide breadth of UPS services is supported across multiple geographies. Kewill also provides a suite of international modules to aid in document preparation and denied party screening.

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GlobalShip is a robust parcel and LTL shipping system designed for companies of any size. This true n-Tier based application utilizes the .NET Framework and Java to facilitate extremely high volume for fulfillment centers. The LogiCOM API and EAI tool facilitate a seamless interface to the customer's ERP, WMS or web storefront through XML messaging. Fully UPS compliant for both domestic and international shipments.

GlobalShip 400i 
GlobalShip 400i is an IBM iSeries (AS/400) suite of parcel and LTL shipping solutions that improve operational efficiencies with reduced handling. This enterprise solution is enabled with an API that allows for an effortless integration to the existing iSeries ERP or WMS. Fully compliant with UPS and UPS World Ease, domestic and international, from the shipping label creation to in-transit track and trace.

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LRM Technologies LLC


ShipLinx is a global, multi-carrier small parcel and LTL transportation solution that is built for the way businesses need to ship. Whether your shipping operation is facilitated from a single warehouse location or is distributed around the globe, ShipLinx's component-based design facilitates implementing the right solution, regardless of unique business rules, processing functionality, the number of locations and users, or the manner in which it needs to be integrated with other critical business systems.

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Lanham Associates

E-Ship, a software solution built inside Microsoft® DynamicsTM 365 Business Central and NAV, supports UPS and additional carriers. It provides seamlessly simple shipping from right inside your ERP system. You will never have to leave E-Ship to pull information from the ERP system or to access UPS’ system to retrieve product, shipping and tracking details. Benefits include:

  • All of your customer information, sales orders and shipping details are kept in your Business Central/NAV business system with native drilldown visibility to data
  • No messy interfaces, troublesome integrations with external user interfaces, or rekeying efforts
  • Increases accuracy - matches items shipped to package content and tracking numbers; catches errors before the product ships

  • Supports dimensional scanning for shipping

  • Ideal for high volume shipping, generating automated BOL’s or EDI ASNs

For more than 20 years, hundreds of thousands of customers have relied on E-Ship for shipping accuracy, tracking, and unprecedented visibility to all associated information inside their NAV or Business Central business system – with the same user interface and drilldown system capabilities they use daily.

Contact 678-379-4200

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Malvern Manifest System

The Malvern Manifest System can work for a single user or in a multiple station network environment. Using Malvern Link, the shipping system can be linked in real-time to virtually any host application, database, text file, and platform.

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ESS - Enterprise Shipping System

Neopost's Enterprise Shipping System (ESS) is a one-of-a-kind cloud-based shipping application that enables users to make smart shipping choices. The functionality allows users to choose a carrier at the best price and create shipments straight from their desktop--no matter where the user is located.

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EMS - Enhancing Mailing and Shipping

Neopost EMS powerful analytics offer many tools to manage cost and build customer relationships. This technology can analyze your company's mail and shipping operations and pinpoint incorrect addresses, lost packages and identify where money is being wasted. Neopost EMS helps you manage and allocate costs by account, carrier, special service and operator productivity.

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New West Technologies

New West Technologies

New West Technologies is an installer and integrator of point of sale (POS) software and retail solutions. We help retailers increase profitability and efficiency with the best retail, mobile, payments and infrastructure systems possible. QuickShip UPS for RMH simplifies the order fulfillment process by integrating UPS shipping with the Retail Management Hero POS system. QuickShip UPS can pull customer address information from your RMH database into the shipping window, post tracking and other shipment information automatically, and print shipping or return labels.

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NRG Software


NRGship UPS is the only shipping software for the Mac platform.  Designed for the unique needs of Mac-based businesses shipping 10 or more packages per day, NRGship UPS takes advantage of UPS online services to provide Mac users UPS Tracking, UPS Rates & Service Selection, UPS Time in Transit, UPS Address Validation, and UPS Shipping from their desktop. Mac customers can utilize these services and easily access critical shipping information without having to leave their Mac.
Key Features:

  • Supports Thermal Printers
  • Supports USB and Serial Scales
  • Built in Import and Export formats for Mac Applications
  • Mac OS integration components
  • FileMaker Pro Files included for seamless integration (PC files as well)
  • Available for single user, multi-user and site license

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NexxShip™ is a global, multi-carrier small parcel and LTL transportation solution that is built for the way businesses need to ship. Whether your shipping operation is facilitated from a single warehouse location or is distributed around the globe, NexxShip's component-based design facilitates implementing the right solution, regardless of the number of locations or users, unique business rules, processing functionality, or how it needs to be integrated with other critical business systems.

In addition to support for UPS small parcel shipments, NexxSys and NexxShip both have the ability to support rating and Bill of Lading printing for UPS Freight shipments.

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Kuberas (OrderCup)

As a long-term UPS Ready provider, OrderCup is a web-based, PC and Mac compatible order management and shipping solution for ecommerce businesses. Our comprehensive, innovative solution streamlines operations by automating and simplifying everything from importing orders, generating labels & packing slips, integrating with various printers and scales, and sending tracking emails. OrderCup supports both US and international origin shipping and provides many value-added services such as customization, returns, discounted shipping, and package insurance.

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Ordoro is a web-based ecommerce app for managing shipping, inventory, and everything in between. From creating shipping labels in triple-digit batches to tracking orders and dropshipping, use the app to process all of your UPS shipments at your negotiated rates. Integrate each of your channels -- whether it's a sales platform like Shopify and Amazon or a supplier and 3PL -- and let Ordoro become your control center for all matters order-related.
Here's what merchants tap Ordoro for:

  • Access to UPS methods like SurePost and Mail Innovations
  • Easy-to-create UPS return label
  • Automated workflow features like Automation Rules and Shipping Presets
  • Built-in multichannel inventory management
  • An open API for building custom integrations

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OutBound Shipping


Since 1990 OutBound has been providing flexible and integrated shipping system solutions for both parcel and LTL shippers.  OutBound Shipping System is designed to meet the needs of small, medium or heavy volume shippers.  This technically advanced system is built on the .NET Framework and utilizes a Microsoft SQL database. Both traditional and "Shared Risk" purchase options are available.

In addition to support for UPS small parcel shipments, OutBound has the ability to support rating and Bill of Lading printing for UPS Freight shipments.

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Pacejet web-powered software and on-demand services help you easily access parcel/LTL/Truck shipping capabilities from within your existing ERP, accounting, WMS, CRM, e-commerce, or Microsoft Office application(s).  Pacejet leverages the power of web connectivity to help you instantly view rates and transit time, process shipments, print labels and paperwork, print export paperwork and track shipments with fewer steps, less effort, and no duplicate data entry.  Only Pacejet combines the power of integrated shipping with modern, easy, and connected web technology.

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Pacific Mailing and Shipping

SelectShip Pro

SelectShip Pro is a desktop application that utilizes the UPS Ready® program's API tools to perform essential shipping transactions such as rating, shipping, and tracking. SelectShip Pro is fully integratable to a wide range of applications such as databases, Windows-based applications, browser-based applications, TCP/IP client/server applications, and many more.

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PathGuide Technologies

PathGuide Technologies

A long time UPS Ready Provider, PathGuide Technologies, Inc., is a privately held company founded in 1989 and a leading provider of solutions for wholesale and industrial distributors across North America. PathGuide's Latitude Manifest is a parcel shipping integration system that simplifies warehouse shipping, package tracking, and route management. Don't waste time manually coordinating multiple shipping systems. You can print hazmat or e-commerce labels, bills of lading, and third party shipping papers from one system with all the data automatically transmitted to UPS for billing.

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Pitney Bowes


Simplify office shipping from just one, online destination. SendPro is a faster, more precise and cost effective way to ship. Our "all-in-one" software simplifies each phase of shipping. Now, you can weigh packages, print professional-looking labels and schedule pickups all from one place. Track every item online, and automatically send updates in real-time. With one address book, all of your contacts can be easily uploaded from multiple sources. Simplify the shipping decisions you made and reduce the steps you take.

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Shipping made simple

Point2Ship, by Sandhills Global, is a cloud interface that makes shipping simple. You not only compare rates and manage your shipments through the cloud, it also has features that make setting up your shipments easy. Save your most-used addresses, default box sizes, and more to create shipments in just a few clicks. Perfect for small businesses who ship occasionally or larger businesses that need a single dashboard to manage shipments.

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xCarrier® for SAP is a fully integrated, enterprise wide native shipping and manifesting SAP solution. UPS technology and services are integrated into the xCarrier® for SAP solution at no addional cost. This empowers SAP customers to perform the UPS compliant shipping directly from within SAP, thereby eliminating redundant business processes.

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ProShip, Inc.

ProShip is a comprehensive small parcel (and LTL) software suite for automation of outbound logistics (including packing, rating, routing, manifesting, tracking, reporting, labeling and more). ProShip utilizes exceptionally quick components while allowing dynamic configuration and control through XML and scripting. Available in client/server, browser-based, and 'black box' (OEM) models from a single station to a global enterprise.

In addition to support for UPS small parcel shipments, ProShip has the ability to support rating and Bill of Lading printing for UPS Freight shipments.

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PS|Ship™ works like people work. Fully integrated with MS Outlook, IBM Notes and CRM systems, PS|Ship streamlines the shipping process providing desktop integration, mailroom chain-of-custody, and full cost recovery for billing purposes. A fully web-enabled application, PS|Ship uses the latest UPS XML technology to provide a secure, locally hosted system for an enterprise of any size.

Key features include:

  • Complete integration with MS Outlook, IBM Notes, CRM systems
  • Validation of client/matter/project and senders for full cost recovery
  • Streamlined UPS account management (no individual user accounts required)
  • Full chain-of-custody from label creation to delivery and billing
  • Single installation will support 1,000's of users across multiple offices.

PS|Ship - Ship Smart!

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QAD Precision

QAD Precision, a division of QAD Inc., provides industry-leading global trade compliance, and multi carrier transportation execution solutions from a single, integrated platform. An ISO-certified company, QAD Precision assists companies to streamline their import, export and transportation operations, optimize deliveries, and increase logistics ROI. QAD Precision’s scalable and extensible solution easily integrates with existing ERP and WMS solutions. Industry leaders in every region of the world rely on QAD Precision’s global support centers to leverage thousands of carrier services and manage millions of global trade and shipping transactions every day.

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ReadyShipper X / ReadyCloud

Ready for something new? Ship from anywhere with the new ReadyShipper X shipping software. ReadyShipper X is a multi-carrier shipping system that is as comfortable managing your ecommerce orders as it is importing and shipping by CSV or ODBC. Quickly process your shipments in batch or by keyed-import with print speeds of one label per second. Dimensional scanners are supported.

Don’t fall behind on shipping. Make it the easy part of your day. ReadyShipper includes all the tools and automations that make shipping a breeze. Prebuilt integrations include Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento 1 & 2, Amazon and more!

Get your 14-day free trail.

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Rokits is a cloud based, multi-user, order management system for high volume UPS shipping, with desktop, browser, and mobile interfaces; allowing for fast & reliable shipment processing, insightful reporting, and a seamless QuickBooks integration. Rokits automation supports over 35 shopping carts, including Magento Enterprise, Shopify, and Bigcommerce. Rokits also features a customer service & sales portal, and supports several B2B platforms. Rokits offers flexible levels of automation designed to accommodate unique operational needs and help e-commerce businesses achieve maximum speed and efficiency.

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Sales Warp

SalesWarp provides integrated rates and service selection based on your specific business rules. The shipping technology handles domestic shipping, is configurable and scalable, and can integrate with Amazon, eBay, Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify and Zoey. The functionality of the software includes: 

UPS Rates and Service Selection for route optimization, UPS Tracking, UPS Address Validation, pack verification, carrier compliance, UPS Shipping (label generation), forms and document creation, and order processing from multiple stations with multiple users across multiple client facilities.

The SalesWarp UPS integration helps companies lower costs, modernize shipping departments and automate key processes without having to leave the system, or use a 3rd party software. You can get it all in one place, with one application. 

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For the past 30 years, parcel shippers with extremely high volumes and complex shipping rules have relied on ScanData. Serving the #1 General Retailer, #2 Pharmacy, #1 Cataloger, #2 and #5 Flowers/Gifts, and two Top-10 Apparel companies comes with much responsibility. To keep these mission critical systems running, we offer 24x7x365 support by expert on-shore engineers, and provide extreme configuration to meet the constantly evolving process, system integration, and functionality needs of these market leaders.

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Scurri is designed to provide eCommerce Merchants with a simple, scalable and serviced multi-carrier delivery management solution. Integrated UPS Rates & Service Selection allows users to benefit from easily accessible UPS shipping services. This, plus a full suite of powerful features, makes Scurri one of the most easy to deploy and most flexible delivery management solutions available.

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Process Shipper® is a state of the art "Best in Class" Web-Based Multi-Carrier Pack & Ship system that will assist your company to streamline shipping activities for small parcel, LTL shipments, truck loads or your own company vehicles. Process Shipper is fully scalable and provides integration to your Host. Process Shippers ease of use software can be installed on your internal systems. No upgrades and no internal IT resources are needed. All you need to manage and use Process Shipper is a standard Web Browser. Process Shipper supports UPS®, FedEx®, DHL, Endicia®, Canadian Carriers for both Domestic and Global shipments. SmartLinc is a Sage Endorsed Partner, Open Systems, Inc., EFI and more.

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ShipCaddie efficiently manages shipping through our web-based solution and API. By using our transaction-based pricing model, clients only pay for what they need. In addition, users have access to world-class customer service and fulfillment centers where they can get logistics insights from our Caddie Care Team. Key features include

  • Integrated labels, batch printing, inventory weight management, customized shipment notification & packing list, manifests
  • Access to local & network printers, scales, bar code scanners
  • Synchronize orders with dozens of marketplaces, e-commerce platforms, WMS, accounting software, and customer solutions that include shipping automation
  • Unlimited contacts, warehouses, packaging, users, products, business rules, integrations, carriers

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ShipConsole makes it easy for Organizations to ship packages faster and cheaper. It is designed to seamlessly integrate your business applications with freight and parcel carriers. ShipConsole is an Oracle-validated shipping solution that automates the processing of UPS parcel and mail shipments directly from Oracle Applications as well as any other ERP system. Online shipping, label printing, shipment tracking, instantaneous proof-of-delivery documentation, and ship confirmation are all accessible from a unified interface in ShipConsole, enhancing productivity for users. The software is a one-stop source for all shipping-related information in the enterprise.

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ShipERP is the leading SAP-integrated multi-carrier shipping software that is dedicated to increasing supply chain efficiencies for businesses looking to transform their order-to-cash process via shipment optimization. Experience maximum innovation and efficiency via integrated carrier rate quoting, transportation planning, shipping compliance, and other functionalities in one place. Do you have SAP ERP, SAP Extended Warehouse Management, SAP Transportation Management, or SAP S/4HANA? ShipERP can integrate with them all.

Learn More About ShipERPOpen the link in a new window

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Plug in your UPS account to ShippingEasy to see YOUR negotiated rates and print certified UPS labels with ease. Purpose built for ecommerce merchants, offering direct integrations with your website and marketplace seller accounts to auto-download orders in real time and sync back tracking numbers and fulfillment status.

Features our UPS customers love:

  • Shipping Automation: IF your buyer says Ground, THEN orders automatically mapped to UPS Ground
  • Printing flexibility: map different label types to different printers
  • Inventory management: direct integration with your system

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Shippo simplifies shipping for your e-commerce store. Use your UPS account to print shipping labels in seconds using either our API or app. The powerful API enables SMBs, marketplaces, & platforms alike to automate their shipping processes, and the user-friendly app enables merchants on popular platforms like Shopify & Magento to seamlessly manage & track their store orders with a one-click integration. You'll save time using our clean & user-friendly order dashboard and 3-step label-creation process. Batch-create labels, print packing slips, and send mass email notifications with tracking information. Plus, international shipping is streamlined because Shippo creates all the right customs forms for you.

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Descartes ShipRush

Descartes ShipRush simplifies the complexity of shipping. Automate business processes and print shipping labels with UPS and other global carriers. With 80+ ecommerce and accounting connections, it’s a robust solution for companies with multi-channel shipping needs. Track orders, email updates, and create a value-added experience for customers that builds loyalty.

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ShipStation, a UPS Ready Program Provider, is a web-based shipping solution that helps merchants organize, process, and fulfill their online orders. With automatic order importing from selling channels like Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Magento, and many more, batch label creation of hundreds of labels at once, and custom automation features to eliminate almost any manual task, ShipStation helps online merchants become exceptionally efficient at fulfilling orders from wherever they sell, however they ship.

Top features for UPS merchants:

  • UPS Return Labels
  • Multi-Package Shipping
  • UPS Negotiated Rates
  • Third-Party Billing
  • Saturday Delivery
  • Paperless Invoicing for International Orders

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Shiptec Systems


Shiptec Systems, Inc. provides a complete Multi-Carrier Parcel Shipping System. With maximum growth capabilities for all Companies from small to large, Shiptec interfaces to virtually all Order Entry and Accounting Systems. Shiptec offers modular products from basic shipping to a WMS Lite Solution, such as Order Content Verification, RF Picking, Receiving, etc. An economical solution, guaranteed to perform.

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Sorted is a global SaaS technology business using future-forward technologies to transform the complex world of deliveries into simple, seamless and delightful experience – for the customer, the retailer and the carrier.

SortedPRO is the delivery management platform that seamlessly integrates with your existing warehouse management systems to manage carrier operations and improve your overall warehouse efficiency. Reduce stock touches, get your deliveries out and focus on growing your business.

SortedHERO powers checkout personalisation by optimising the final purchasing touchpoint with a clever plugin to surface the most convenient and efficient carrier services. Increase conversion rate, decrease basket abandonment – and delight your customers at the same time.

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Teapplix automates, organizes and manages shipping, inventory tracking and QuickBooks integration for small and medium-sized businesses operating on the eBay, Amazon, Buy.com, Sears marketplace and other ecommerce platforms. Our web application makes shipping and accounting faster, easier and less expensive than the alternatives, saving small business owners time, energy and money. Get a 30 day free trial at www.teapplix.com.

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Third Wave Business Systems

Third Wave Business Systems is a Gold Certified SAP Business One Partner, well-known for their add-on solutions and distribution/supply chain expertise. ShipEasy provides seamless real-time web services integration between UPS and SAP Business One.

Now you can streamline your shipping processes and manage UPS shipping all within SAP Business One, with features including:

  • Street-level addresses validation
  • Freight quoting from the sales order
  • UPS negotiated rates
  • Comprehensive shipping options from 48 origin countries to over 180 destination countries
  • Real-time package tracking from Pick/Pack Manager
  • Delivery and/or invoice shipping notification, and more!

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Streamline shipping, accounts receivable and customer service by connecting to order (accounting/Enterprise Resource Planning) and package (Warehouse Management Systems) data. StarShip offers turnkey interfaces to QuickBooks, Sage 100, Sage 500, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Exact Macola, Epicor Eclipse, SYSPRO and many more.

  • Supports all major UPS services (domestic & international) including Air, Ground, UPS Ground with Freight Pricing and UPS FreightSM
  • Simplify international shipping with World Ease®, UPS Paperless™ Invoice and AESDirect automation
  • UPS Capital integration for insurance savings
  • Print shipping labels, packing slips or a combination of both
  • Build brand awareness with branded shipping labels and email notifications
  • Automatically update orders with freight charges, customizable handling fees and shipment detail
  • Choose from a comparison of negotiated and list rates, or let StarShip pick the ”Best Way”
  • Integrate with EDI and WMS systems for a complete supply chain solution
  • Dashboard gives the entire office access to shipping history, reports, metrics and quotes

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XPS Ship

XPS Ship is a certified UPS Ready Program Provider. A free web-based shipping solution with ecommerce integration, XPS Ship helps merchants efficiently fulfill online orders. Integration capabilities include commonly-used ecommerce sales channels such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Walmart, Woocommerce, and many more. REST API, webhooks, and ODBC integrations are also possible, as is CSV importing of orders. XPS creates efficiencies for merchants through advanced features, including:


  • Live Customer Service
  • Batch Printing
  • Rules Engine (Shipping Automation)
  • Order Tag Customization
  • Multi-Package Shipping
  • UPS Negotiated Rates
  • Email Notification

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ShipRush Pro/ShipRush Basic

ShipRush is the "ship-button" for developers and users of accounting and CRM software. Make parcel shipping a smooth, integrated action with ShipRush. Users of ACT!®, QuickBooks®, Peachtree®, GoldMine®, Outlook and other systems can have integrated UPS Shipping in minutes with ShipRush. Just download, install, and ship. No technical expertise needed! Developers can add a UPS feature-rich shipping GUI to their applications easily -- often in just a few hours with the ShipRush SDK. Leverage real-time UPS functionality with ShipRush. Works with most common accounting and contact manager software, including QuickBooks, Peachtree, Great Plains, Microsoft Retail Management System, ACT!, GoldMine, Outlook, SalesLogix and more!

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ShipRush Server

Put a central shipping server in your CRM application. Powerful, multi-carrier features-perfect for medium and high volumes. Out of box integration with popular CRM systems including Microsoft CRM, SalesLogix, GoldMine and ACT!. Easy integration with custom SQL applications based on SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL and more.

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Zenkraft is an award-winning technology company that builds Salesforce applications for shipping. Zenkraft have a native shipping application for UPS allowing clients to process shipments, generate labels and track packages using Chatter on Salesforce.


  • Create Labels with One click - Shipmate offers quick and easy UPS shipping seamlessly tied to your Salesforce customer data, page layouts and workflow.
  • Real-time Shipment Tracking - With Salesforce Chatter, Shipmate users can get the latest tracking updates of any shipment in real time! No need to copy and paste long tracking numbers ever again.
  • Integrate with any object - With our Custom Address Source and One Click Shipping features you can map fields from any object into the shipping wizard.

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