Select from approved UPS Ready Program providers who integrate UPS technology into their business applications and software solutions.



Ship your orders in a few clicks!
Streamline shipping, accounts receivable and customer service by connecting WorldShip® to orders in QuickBooks, eBay, Sage 50, Sage 100, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Exact Macola & Epicor Eclipse.

  • Interface customizer gives you the power to quickly personalize translations or field maps - NO custom development required!
  • Build brand awareness and the customer experience with personalized email notifications
  • Automatically update orders with freight charges, handling fees and shipment detail
  • Automate freight calculations with your business logic
  • Dashboard gives the entire office access to shipping history, metrics and reports

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Nexxio's premier products, NexxStatus™and NexxLink™, have been integrated with UPS OnLine® Tools to help link critical UPS shipping and delivery information to your enterprise. NexxStatus attaches a "visibility tether" to each UPS package you ship, tracks and monitors its movement, and alerts you to key delivery events and process exceptions as they occur. NexxLink is a connectivity tool that integrates your UPS WorldShip® system to your host business applications such as Quickbooks®, Great Plains®, and JD Edwards®.

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OZ Development


Oz Development provides four distinct UPS solutions. OzLINK for UPS is a free desktop solution that allows users to rate and track packages as well as provide City, State, Zip Code validation. OzLINK Plus adds street level address validation, residential\commercial classification, multi-package rating, international origin rating, time in transit, also batch rating/tracking/address validation/ and shipping with UPS WorldShip. OzLINK Pro seamlessly integrates WorldShip with 2 popular applications - NetSuite and QuickBooks. OzLINK Custom provides customer specific business rule automation and connectivity of UPS WorldShip with any accounting/ERP system.

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AgileOffice, AgileView, AgileShip

Our .NET-based enterprise shipping management solutions provide automated rating, shipping and tracking across your organization. AgileOffice adapts UPS OnLine® Tools for automated mailroom, desktop or home office use. AgileShip integrates with ConnectShip® for high volume shipment processing. AgileView links with your existing ERP, CRM or WMS applications for a unified, role-specific view of customer, order, shipment, and line item status.

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