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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

UPS Ready enterprise resource planning (ERP) integrators provide shipping functionality for customers who need it as a core business process.  Customers with existing ERP systems like Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, IBM, SAP, and many others, can purchase bolt-on solutions that will integrate shipping, order management, and fulfilment directly into their preferred products.


Appath is a UPS Ready certified provider with a cloud solution for multichannel e-commerce businesses of all sizes to entirely manage inventory, orders fulfillment, shipping labels and processes, as well as customer service management. With Appath you have robust automation rules to eliminate manual tasks, unlimited users with permissions control, fully customizable packing slips, and a whole lot more.

Appath is seamlessly integrated with major marketplaces and shopping carts such as Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, Magento, Shopify, Bigcommerce, and many more.

We're committed in Appath being the best e-commmerce complete solution; try Appath risk-free for 30-days.

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AQXOLT offers a single powerful ERP application suite with it's ERP MARK 7 product, AQXOLT has integrated UPS functionality into its suite of on-demand ERP Mark 7 application that gives company's real-time information on internal core business processes operating across their entire organisation. Customers using the integrated solution can easily access critical shipping information without having to leave ERP MARK 7 or go to another website.

UPS integrated functionality adds a new level of customer service and functionality to a company's enterprise and Web applications on a global scale. Companies that use ERP MARK 7 can now offer their customers the following UPS functionalities: UPS Tracking, UPS Rates & Service Selection, UPS Time in Transit, UPS Address Validation and UPS Shipping.

AQXOLT is committed to applying the latest technology to enable our customers' e- business endeavors. By working with UPS, we can now bring you the most innovative transportation solutions for the edge you need.

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CMS Software


CMS Software is a leading provider of ERP solutions to manufacturers and distributors operating in supply-chain-intensive manufacturing environments -- characterized by high customer expectations and a high price to pay for failing to meet those expectations. Customers can validate addresses, check rates and service availablity, get transit times, and track shipments from within CMSi5 using a fully integrated UPS Online® Tools.

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Skipum for SAP® Enterprise Shipping is an SAP certified solution that enables Logistics Execution capabilities within SAP ERP, S4/HANA and SAP EWM that are not available in the standard SAP solution for shipping with UPS. SAP customers are often surprised to find that carrier compliance, document generation, routing guides, rating capabilities and freight capture are not part of the standard SAP release. Skipum fills this gap in SAP functionality with a robust solution embedded directly within SAP. With Skipum, users can continue their UPS shipping actives directly in SAP, without having to enter data into external shipping software.

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ShipERP is the leading SAP-integrated multi-carrier shipping software that is dedicated to increasing supply chain efficiencies for businesses looking to transform their order-to-cash process via shipment optimization. Experience maximum innovation and efficiency via integrated carrier rate quoting, transportation planning, shipping compliance, and other functionalities in one place. Do you have SAP ERP, SAP Extended Warehouse Management, SAP Transportation Management, or SAP S/4HANA? ShipERP can integrate with them all.

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IQMS designs, develops, and supports enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for the manufacturing industry. Its flagship product, EnterpriseIQ, offers a full-function solution that efficiently manages and improves business processes by combining real-time manufacturing, accounting, and complete supply chain management into one database. EnterpriseIQ's scalable design and complete suite of enhancement modules (i.e. Quality, CRM, EDI, WMS, etc...) provide manufacturers around the globe with an innovative ERP system that speaks their language and keeps them competitive.

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Lanham Associates

E-Ship, a software solution built inside Microsoft® DynamicsTM 365 Business Central and NAV, supports UPS and additional carriers. It provides seamlessly simple shipping from right inside your ERP system. You will never have to leave E-Ship to pull information from the ERP system or to access UPS’ system to retrieve product, shipping and tracking details. Benefits include:

  • All of your customer information, sales orders and shipping details are kept in your Business Central/NAV business system with native drilldown visibility to data
  • No messy interfaces, troublesome integrations with external user interfaces, or rekeying efforts
  • Increases accuracy - matches items shipped to package content and tracking numbers; catches errors before the product ships

  • Supports dimensional scanning for shipping

  • Ideal for high volume shipping, generating automated BOL’s or EDI ASNs

For more than 20 years, hundreds of thousands of customers have relied on E-Ship for shipping accuracy, tracking, and unprecedented visibility to all associated information inside their NAV or Business Central business system – with the same user interface and drilldown system capabilities they use daily.

Contact 678-379-4200

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PlusOne Readyship is engineered to work completely within the SAP Business One ERP Solution. Now from one easy-to-use system, perfect for small-midsize companies, you can easily quote, ship, and track multiple UPS packages, all from within SAP Business One. ReadyShip handles all UPS delivery options, street-level verifies every address, prints UPS labels, links your scales, and automatically generates and stores tracking numbers, saving your company time & money, and increasing productivity and profitability. For more information, contact Navigator/SAP directly, 801-642-0123, info@nbs-us.com.

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NetSuite is a fully-integrated web-based software application that runs your entire business, from ERP, CRM to Web operations, giving everyone in your company a complete, real-time view of the information needed. NetSuite has integrated UPS OnLine® Tools to streamline the exchange of data among separate order management, logistics, and customer service systems.

Key shipping information such as customer orders and status updates is provided to sales, service, and warehousing personnel, ensuring that each department views the same accurate data. Employees never have to leave the NetSuite application to access the integrated UPS Shipping API. Instead, they can do all UPS shipping and tracking from within the application. The system automatically calculates shipping rates, generates UPS tracking numbers, validates addresses, and prints UPS shipping labels.

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xCarrier® for SAP is a fully integrated, enterprise wide native shipping and manifesting SAP solution. UPS technology and services are integrated into the xCarrier® for SAP solution at no addional cost. This empowers SAP customers to perform the UPS compliant shipping directly from within SAP, thereby eliminating redundant business processes.

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SalesPad Desktop is a full front-end order entry, purchasing, sales, and inventory management solution that fully integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP, SalesPad Desktop is the complete package for distribution and manufacturing companies. Process orders more accurately and efficiently, while having full visibility into each step of your fulfillment. Simplify the lives of your customer service and sales reps by putting information at their fingertips with powerful Excel-style searching. Operating outside of Dynamics GP cuts down on your costs per seat and adds additional levels of security by removing warehouse employees from your accounting environment, and vice versa. Stock, sell, and fulfill smarter with our portfolio of operational ERP solutions.

Using SalesPad Desktop to manage your UPS shipments helps keep you organized. When you add your UPS account into SalesPad Desktop you can do all your UPS shipping and tracking in one place. You can also quickly determine your rates, get real-time address verification, keep track of customs for all of your international shipments, and more. 

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SCT Software

XPS is certified by SAP and is designed within SAP®’s ECC, S/4HANA, EWM and TM environments. As a comprehensive packing and shipping solution, XPS enables SAP users to automate their entire shipping process. XPS can be used in the logistics process as early as order entry to help determine service levels to meet customer needs and provide freight estimates. XPS then guides users through packing, shipping, label generation, manifesting and invoicing, giving customers a competitive edge by reducing overall operational cost and improving customer service.

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SPS Commerce


SPS Commerce has integrated UPS OnLine® Tools to provide small and medium-sized vendors UPS functionality within SPSCommerce.net's Carrier Integration Service. This service streamlines the process of entering tracking numbers into EDI transactions and printing UPS shipping labels.

SPSCommerce.net's Carrier Integration Service notifies UPS that you are making a shipment, and then returns and populates the tracking number into your ASN while, at the same time, printing the bar code label.

Benefits include:

  • Eliminating manual entry errors
  • Reduces phone calls from your customer
  • Eliminating repetitive data entry
  • Easy integration with your electronic invoicing and shipping notice procedures and technology
  • Greater visibility into the status of an order by viewing the status online

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