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Accounting and Financial Management

UPS Ready accounting and financial providers help small and medium-sized businesses organize invoicing, billing, inventory, and other back-end processes.  


AccountEdge Pro is a complete small business accounting and management solution for any Mac or Windows office, with everything needed to record sales and purchases, manage banking, run payroll, track and build inventory, bill for time, and maintain contacts. AccountEdge Pro is desktop software with an optional Cloud component that lets you complete many tasks from anywhere and sync them back to the desktop.

AccountEdge also includes complete UPS shipping integration. Create shipments, print labels, track packages and send shipping amounts (negotiated rates plus your markups) back to your sales invoices. Create custom email templates with package details and add tracking numbers to your printed or emailed invoices. Add estimated shipping to sales before creating a shipment. Send up to 20 packages per shipment, select services, packaging, confirmation and notifications. Bill your account, a third party or the receiver. Ship and track everything right from your desktop with no additional fees and no monthly software fees.

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AtClose offers a state-of-the-art appraisal, title, and settlement solution that provides a superior, dedicated, and comprehensive platform for evolving business needs of the title industry.

Headquartered in Pennsylvania, the team of seasoned experts has ample industry experience through extensive interaction with customers in the industry. Experienced analysts work with customers to define and improve business processes and provide many essential services, including the enhancement of business management through automation, optimization, and improved integration with partners.

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QuickBooks accounting software for small business makes shipping with UPS a whole lot faster and easier. With UPS functionality built right into QuickBooks Shipping Manager, you can:

  • Obtain UPS rates (published or negotiated) (New in QuickBooks 2014!)
  • View time-in-transit information
  • Print UPS shipping labels with validated customer address information from your QuickBooks Invoice or Sales Receipt forms
  • Schedule a UPS pickup
  • Track shipments

Now, with QuickBooks 2014, you can more accurately invoice customers and allocate shipping costs upfront by enabling your UPS Negotiated Rates. Shipping Manager is already built in to your QuickBooks software and it's FREE to use. You only pay UPS charges on what you ship. And you can sign up for Shipping Manager through your QuickBooks and start using it right away.

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UPS and Intuit are providing special discounted pricing on QuickBooks products and services. Save up to 30% on QuickBooks desktop, 20% on Intuit payroll services, and more savings. Call 214-387-2444 or select the link below.

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RamQuest, Inc.

Closing Market is RamQuest Inc.'s digital marketplace that seamlessly integrates diverse software systems and gives business partners an easy and efficient way to do business together to provide superior service to meet their customers' needs.  The Closing Market network allows participants to order, exchange and market products and services required in the Real Estate Closing Process.  For more information about RamQuest and Closing Market, visit www.ramquest.com.

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UPS and Sage offer an integrated, cloud-based global accounting and shipping solution to help small and mid-sized businesses focus on customers while making better financial decisions.

Use the Sage Business Cloud FinancialsTM platform to help shorten fulfillment and delivery timeframes, reduce administrative time of calculating and invoicing shipping costs, improve customer service by fulfilling orders more efficiently via UPS and offer customers the ability to track their orders.

A consolidated solution, with UPS functionality built right into FinancialsTM, can help you:

  • Save time and reduce errors using ready-to-print UPS shipping labels pre-populated with order information
  • Save on UPS shipping
  • Control shipping expenses proactively
  • Enjoy 20% off a new Sage Financials subscription
  • See full quote to order to cash workflow
  • Gain a better understanding of customer and product profitability to help know your cost to serve

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SoftPro is the nation’s leading provider of closing, title and escrow software, offering cutting-edge technology and outstanding support to make your business more efficient and profitable.

SoftPro Shipping Services is a FREE time-saving tool for shipping in the US that allows SoftPro users to quickly generate UPS® shipping labels and track shipments directly from SoftPro. By using the existing contact information in your SoftPro order, you can automatically populate and generate UPS shipping labels for your immediate use, eliminating the need to hand write labels or re-key any data. For more information, contact us at 800-848-0143 or visit the link below.

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