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UPS Developer Kit

Data Files and Management Applications


The Billing Analysis Tool is software provided by UPS to help analyze and allocate shipping expenses quickly and easily.


This easy-to-use software utility automatically downloads your Quantum View Data files directly to your computer.

UPS Information Exchange

Please contact your UPS Account Executive for additional information about these tools and applications.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI):

EDI 215: Shipping and Rating Tool
Use EDI 215 Standard to transmit in batch, either over the Internet using XML or your current telecom provider, your PLD 0200 compliant manifest data to UPS.

EDI 240: Visibility Tool
Use EDI 240 Standard to request and access your Quantum View Data subscriptions or NUCAS subscriptions in bather either over the Internet or using your current telecom provider.

UPS Ready Service Providers:

UPS Ready® Service Providers can integrate UPS technology and functionality into your e-commerce website and enterprise business applications.