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How can I see my primary and secondary rates?

    1. Select the Tools tab and then select the Shipper Editor icon.
    2. Select the account in which you want to display the primary and secondary rates.
    3. Select the Modify button.
    4. Go to the Rating Preferences tab and select a primary and secondary rating preference for the following:
      • Shipping and Shipment History Windows
      • Package and Shipment Doc Labels
      • Daily Shipment Detail Report
    5. Select OK and then select Close to exit the Shipper Editor.
    6. Enter shipment information on the Main Shipping screen. The primary and secondary rates will display automatically.

    Note: The primary and secondary rates will also display on the Main Shipping screen when you select the Detail Cost button. The rates will also display in History when you select the Ship To node under the Pending Pickup/Collection.