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How do I track a package or shipment using WorldShip?

    1. Select the History button on the Home tab, highlight the package tracking number (this includes Mail Innovations shipments), shipment, air freight waybill number, or the ground freight pro number.
    2. Select the Track button on the Home tab and select Track This Package or Track Multiple. Note: If you've highlighted a shipment in Shipment History, you will only be able to select Track Multiple, which opens the Tracking Number Manager.
    3. Add Tracking Numbers and select Track List. Your system opens a Web browser and connects to the UPS Tracking Number Page, where you can review the tracking details for your package or freight shipment.  
    4. When you are finished, close your Web browser.

    Note: Closed Trade Direct Consolidated movements and associated child shipments can be tracked by Unique Shipment Identifier (USI), Sub Pro Number, or 1Z tracking number.