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How do I process an air freight shipment using WorldShip?

  • Complete the following steps to process an air freight shipment in WorldShip®:

    Step 1: On Ship To tab in the Shipping Window:

    1. Type the address of the person or company where the shipment is to be delivered.

    Step 2: On the Service tab:

    1. Select the down arrow in the UPS Service box and choose an Air Freight service type.
    2. Select the down arrow in the Bill Transportation To box and choose who will pay for the transportation. Select DDU or DDP checkboxes.
    3. Enter your commodity information into the Commodity grid. To remove a commodity, choose the item and select the Delete button. To remove all commodities, choose the item and select the Delete All button.
    4. Once you have entered all the commodities for this shipment, select the Options tab.

    Step 3:
    On the Options tab:

    1. Select a Shipment Option checkbox. Entry fields appropriate to that option display at the right. Type the needed information or select the needed options. Tip: Information does not have to be typed immediately, but it must be completed before you can process the shipment.
    2. Repeat this step for each additional option. Tip: To remove an option, clear the checkbox next to the selected option.
    3. Select the Detail Cost button. The Pieces Shipped As window displays.
    4. Describe the Handling Units (moveable pieces) in this shipment.
    5. Select the Continue button.
    6. A message may display if this is the first time you have processed a freight shipment. Select the OK button.
    7. Select the Detail tab. The Detail tab displays.

    Step 4: On the Detail tab:

    1. Under Pieces Shipped As, change the number of pieces for each handling unit as needed.
    2. In the Special Instructions for Handling box, type up to 400 characters.
    3. In the Consignee Remarks box, type up to 400 characters.
    4. In the Pickup Date box, select the down arrow and choose the pickup date on the calendar.
    5. Select the Select Countries of Original Manufacture button.

    Step 5:
    On the Select Countries of Original Manufacture window:

    1. In each Country of Original Manufacture box, select the down arrow and choose a country as needed. Note: You must select at least one country of manufacture for an Air Freight shipment with a Canada destination.
    2. Select the OK button. The Detail tab displays.
    3. Select the Reference tab.

    Step 6: On the Reference tab:

    1. To add additional Shipper or Consignee Referece Types to the grid, select Shipper or Consignee from the Reference Type dropdown list and select Add.

      To add a Reference Number to the Shipper or Consignee Reference Type, highlight either the Shipper or Consignee in the grid, enter a value into the Reference Number field, and select the Update button to add a new or update a reference number.

      To remove the Reference Type and Number, highlight the item in the grid and select the Delete button.
    2. Select the Customs Documents tab. The Customs Documentation tab displays.

    Step 7:
    On the Customs Documentation tab:

    1. Select the Packing List button. The Packing List window displays and shows the commodities that you entered on the Service tab and the Pieces Shipped As that you entered on the Detail tab.
    2. Update the commodities list as needed using the fields under Commodity and the Add, Delete, and Update buttons.
    3. In the Memo box, type the information to print on the Packing List. Note: When your shipment is processed, only this information is saved with the shipment for future repeat/reprint of the Packing List. Update the Pieces Shipped As boxes as needed.
    4. In the Number of Copies box, type the number of copies of the Packing List to print.
    5. In the Language box, select the down arrow and choose the language in which to print the Packing List.
    6. Select the Print button. The displayed Packing List details print.
    7. Select the Close button. The Packing List window closes. Note: All updates are saved until the shipment is processed or discarded. If you save the shipment as a draft, the updates are not saved with the shipment.

    Step 8: Enter any export documentation required for the shipment. Select the Process F10 button to process the shipment. 

      Step 9: The Pickup/Drop off Request window appears. Verify and update the information as needed. Select the OK button.

      Step 10: If no connection can be established with UPS, the Offline Processing window displays. Follow the instructions.