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How do I intercept a package in WorldShip?

Follow these steps:

  1. From History, highlight the shipment or tracking number for the shipment that you would like to intercept.
  2. Select the Track button.
  3. Select Intercept This Package or Intercept Multiple. If selecting Intercept This Package, go to Step 6. If selecting Intercept Multiple, go to Step 4. 
  4. The Delivery Intercept Request Manager window will display with the tracking number(s) listed.
  5. Select Submit List.
  6. The Delivery Intercept page will display.
  7. Select an Intercept Request Type. Choose to have UPS perform one of the following actions:

    • Return to Sender: Return the package to the shipper. 
    • Deliver to Another Address: Reroute the package to a new address. 
    • Reschedule Delivery: Hold the package for pickup by the consignee.
    • Will Call: Hold the package for pickup by the consignee.

  8. When you are finished, select Next, and follow the onscreen instructions.