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How do I process a UPS Import Control shipment in UPS WorldShip?

  • Follow these steps to process your UPS ImportSM Control shipment:

    1. From the Ship To tab, enter the international address from which the shipment will be exported.
    2. Select Import Control on the Options tab. 
    3. Select the desired UPS Import Control label option:
      • UPS Print Label
      • UPS Electronic Label 
      • UPS Print and Mail Label (Not available for all countries)
      • 1 UPS Pickup Attempt  (Not available for all countries)
      • 3 UPS Pickup Attempts (Not available for all countries)
    4. Enter a Merchandise Description for Package.
    5. Provide the remaining shipping details and Commercial Invoice details. Optional: Select Comm. Inv. Removal on the Options tab to remove the Commercial Invoice prior to delivery.
    6. When you are finished, select Process Shipment.