How to Calculate Customs Duty and Import Taxes in WorldShip

When you enter a Ship To address that is in a different country than your origin, you should see an additional tab on the right half of the screen named Customs Documentation. Follow these steps to estimate your shipment duties and taxes:

  1. Enter all of the required information and select a service for the shipment.
  2. Select the Customs Documentation tab to view the International Commodities grid.
  3. Enter the commodity information for all of the commodities in the shipment. This information must include a valid tariff code.
  4. Just below the lower right of the grid, you will see an Estimate button. Select this button.
  5. A pop-up window will display the estimated duties and taxes for your shipment.
  6. When you close the window, you will see the total estimated duties and taxes to the left of the Estimate button.

Note: This is a good-faith estimate of the customs duties and import taxes. The actual duties and taxes cost could be higher or lower than the estimate.