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Can I process air freight shipments in WorldShip without an Internet connection (offline)?

Yes, an air freight shipment can be processed without an Internet connection (offline), but it is recommended that an Internet connection be available for proper rating of shipments, assigning of a Shipment ID automatically, and for communicating the shipment information to UPS for prompt pickup of the shipment.

If there is no Internet connection available, some differences will be noticed in UPS WorldShip®:

  • Shipment rating will not be available if there is no Internet connection available.

  • You will be prompted with a message explaining that no connection is available when processing a shipment. This message will have buttons available for different actions.

    • Continue: The shipment will be processed, and you will be prompted to enter a Shipment ID manually. You can choose to not enter a Shipment ID and just select OK to finish processing the shipment.
    • Save: This action moves the shipment into History as a Draft shipment. It must be re-opened and processed again to finish the shipment once an Internet connection is available. You can also open and process the shipment later without an Internet connection and choose Continue to finish the shipment without obtaining a Shipment ID from WorldShip.
    • Clear: This action will cancel the shipment processing and prompt you to clear the current shipment information without processing it.
    • Cancel: Selecting Cancel will return you to the shipment processing screen.
    • Help: Selecting Help will display a screen showing additional information.

  • The message will also contain contact numbers for the UPS-SCS Customer Service Center(s).

    • If you do not have a daily air freight pickup ("House Account"), you will need to call the UPS-SCS Customer Service Center to schedule the pickup of your shipment(s). The UPS-SCS Customer Service Center number for the United States and Puerto Rico is 866-696-3656. The number for Canada is 800-298-8965. For all other origins, you will need to contact the local UPS-SCS Service Center location to schedule a pickup.

  • When closing out shipments processed without an Internet connection, the Daily Detail Report (DDR) will display the statement, "Shipments processed off-line. Data must be keyed at UPS center."

  • When the driver arrives to pick up the air freight shipment, you will need to get the Shipment ID from the driver and enter it manually into WorldShip.

    • Obtain the Shipment ID and open WorldShip.
    • Select the History button, choose the shipment that needs the Shipment ID, and enter it in the text box in the center of the right side, on the Shipment tab.